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Aug 16, 2008 11:49 AM

J Kelly's BBQ -- New on E. 11th

A new BBQ place has opened up at where Ben's BBQ used to be at 1-35 and E. 11th. They've only been open a week and I've only eaten there once, so there's not much to report yet. The folk's running it have redone the interior with tile counters and some seating, though it's still a BBQ joint. There's a small covered deck with some TV's where you can sit and eat. They're still waiting for their signage so all they have at the moment is an "Open" flag hanging outside.

The menus is basic BBQ -- beef, chicken and sausage sandwiches and plates, along with meat by the pound to go. Coleslaw and beans for sides. Talking with the owner, he explained that they bought Ben's recipes and Ben has been working with them training the staff on BBQing and cooking.

Had a beef brisket sandwich 2 nights after they opened. It was a generous amount of fatty brisket, moist and tender with a good char crust, but minimal smoke flavor. Came on 2 slices of white bread and sauce if you wanted it. They're still shaking out so they forgot things like pickles and onions, but that's okay. It was good meat and I'll be going back to try some again.

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  1. Did you get a look at the pit? Same?
    Are they doing ribs?


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    1. re: cibodivino

      I never made it to Ben's (hours and distance were against me), but judging by the big metal pit doors behind the counter I'd guess it's the same one.

      Yes, I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention ribs. No mutton.

    2. This is good stuff. I knew it was going to be good when I walked in the door and ran into Mac Brown.

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      1. re: Mr.Dockery

        Any word on whether they are doing BBQ Mutton? (Because otherwise, its rather pointless IMHO)...

        1. re: taliesin15

          Yes, they are. Although as when Ben was the owner, it's best to call first if it's mutton you need. 499-0910

          BTW, the new owners are Gene and his wife, Claudia of Gene's New Orleans Style Deli just down the street.

          1. re: ridgeback

            No, I think the owner is J. Kelly who now owns (or owns part of) Gene's New Orleans.

            1. re: Mersenne twister

              Mersenne twister speaks the truth.J Kelly owns Genes and Ben's/J.Kelly's.

              MT,where have you been getting your soul food of late?

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Victory Grill is pretty good -- their kitchen staff has changed as of about one month ago. The Bayseas folks are no longer cooking there. They have some good oxtails, but the rest of the selection is limited.

                The Soul Food Wednesdays group that used to cook at Ben's are now at Gene's but they haven't been serving chicken and dumplings in a while, which was their best dish. They said their offerings have been limited lately due to staff changes. I wonder if they'll move back to Ben's/J.Kelly's now.

                Oh, and Galloway's. I believe you are a fan of the place. Shoot me an email at if you ever want to get soul food sometime.

      2. Went for lunch today. Had a brisket sandwhich. It was ok. The meat wasn't very tender and not too much flavor. I was still hungry so I had a sausage wrap. That was good.

        Service was very slow, one guy had to do everything. The two other people seemed to just be in the way.

        I probably won't be returning as there are many better bbq options in the area.