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Aug 16, 2008 11:40 AM

PNE Fair food-vancouver

Going to the Fair this week and just wondering what the hot tip is on food! C-Lovers fish and chips sounds intriguing, but "Hunky Bill's Garlic Sausage" has definitely got my attention. Anybody want to list their fair favs?

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  1. Hmm, PNE food is always a bit of a crap shoot, and I use the term crap advisedly. Hunky Bill's might be worth trying -- he was a Vancouver institution.

    1. The mini donuts! And I like Henry's BBQ chicken...the smell always makes me stop there! But, I do love the burger with fried onions at Jimmy's's the fried onions that do it for me. Hmmm, I may just have to go now!

      1. Thanks guys! Will report back on this after my research next week:)

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          Wiggle chips are one of my favorites. The garlic poutine by Hunky Bills is pretty good too. One not to be missed is the soft serve past Wiggle Chips, just before the casino. Their soft serve is so so good, it's made with ice cream milk and so thick it doesn't melt, how cool is that? There are other stands with soft serve but this one is different from all others, give it a try and you won't regret it.

        2. Finally made it out there Wednesday just in time to get rained on. Most of the food didn't look great but Hunky Bill's was excellent: smoky, garlicky kielbasa with mild, delicious sauerkraut on a steamed bun. An added kick was the extra-hot mustard, which provided near-wasabi levels of sinus damage. Wiggle Chips were greasily tasty and hot-mini donuts made a nice dessert. Next year, though, I might try the Vietnamese booth which looked and smelled mighty good for a fair stand. The fried-onion burgers looked pretty nice too. Might just have to go back...

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            I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the kielbasa. Was disappointed that it was served on a cold hamburger bun and not to mention that the sauerkraut was not to my liking. It was not like what I grew up eating. Will have to try something else next time.

          2. Dd and I were there on Sunday. I had Vietnamese and it was okay, last year I had something really spicy from there. I asked for something not as hot, but what I got (combo 1) has not heat at all.

            DD had a chocolate shake, burger and fries from Jimmy's lunch. As she only likes plain burgers, it was pretty basic. The fries were frozen, I would not bother again with them. She shake was good, made from scratch and they put a couple extra shots of chocolate syrup as it was her birthday.

            We will be back on Friday and I want to find the place that sells the hot potato chips, I saw others eating them and they looked really good.

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              The rootbeers being sold out of the (fake?) wooden barrels is delicious. Creamy, thick, and cold.

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                Hubs and I went to the PNE yesterday to see Air Supply. Due to the rain we didn't really get a chance to sample all of our regular goodies, it's kinda hard to eat and hold an umbrella in the rain. So we just had the bbq chicken and mini donuts. It was too cold and wet to have the soft serve that we both love so much, I walked by and the name is "Ernie's"