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Aug 16, 2008 11:22 AM

Where do like to go to sit outside and eat in Westchester/Putnam

I know summer is coming to a close shortly but we still have a couple good weeks left to sit ouside and take it all in. We are always trying to think of places to go that we can sit outside, it doesn't necessarily have to have a view but it wouldn't hurt. Where do you like to go to in the nice weather?

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  1. Try Sammy's Downtown in Bronxville. They have a bunch of tables outside.

    1. My high-end favorite is Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown. They have a beautiful patio out back--it is a really great spot. My lower-end favorite is PJ Kelley's in Peekskill in the old train station. The food is mediocre, but they have a great outside area with seats along the train tracks. You can see the Hudson, Bear Mountain, etc, and then the trains roar by. So cool.

      For something mellower, The Flying Pig in Mt Kisco has a very nice outside area. Feels like eating in someone's nice backyard. Both 12 Grapes (which just got a "Good" review in the Times) and Division St Grill in Peekskill have tables on the sidewalk.

      I've never been, but the Times just had a review of Henry's on the Hudson in Peekskill, which evidently has a stunning view of the river. Again, I've never eaten there, but Cafe of Love in Mt Kisco has a nice covered area on the sidewalk, if you feel like being in a town.

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        We tried Henry's on the Hudson last night--the outdoor space is nice. It is small and intimate, and the view of the Hudson is stunning, the patio is on a hill overlooking a particularly nice section of the river. There was a classical guitarist playing on the patio. The food, although not "chowhoundish" was ok, nothing great or interesting, but not bad either.

        1. re: Marge

          Michael's in Portchester on Midland Ave. (near Home Depot) is a really nice, New York-ish outside dining area.

          Last I was there, the pizza was good, the service was fine, and the parking was free.

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            The view at Henry's definitely outweighs the food, IMO (Indian Point notwithstanding). We had lunch there last weekend. The service was unfortunate, but the manager was very nice. I wish I had gone on classical guitar day!

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              thax Marge! What did you mean by chowhoundish?

          2. In past years we have liked to eat in the backyard area of Piccolo Mulino on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck. For one reason or another we have not been (yet) this year so don't know if the restaurant has gone downhill or anything. That outdoor area is quiet and very pleasant, and we always enjoyed the food.

            Lexington Square Cafe in Mt. Kisco also has a protected outdoor area, though limited in size in comparison to the indoor capacity. We've liked to have lunch/brunch there.

            1. Love to go to Mulligan's at Doral Arrowwood. You seat under an enormous awning and watch the golfers. Foods ok, sometimes even better. They have a large bar and the food is grilled stuff or salads.

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              1. re: debmom

                Seaside Johnnie's in Rye overlooking the LI Sound. Yeah, it's overpriced, but it really makes you appreciate summer.

                1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                  Agree - the deck is great but the food is way overpriced and not even mediocre.

              2. Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry has a patio bar with a fabulous water view (you are literally a few feet from the water) - only serves their "lite" menu and drinks, but quite tasty. No reservations unfortunately for outside, but we went early and didn't have a problem. Not terrific if you are looking for something upscale and fancy, but perfect for a fairly light dinner and drinks.

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                  Sam's of Gedney Way in white Plains has a nice covered outdoor appreciable view, though.

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                    Actually Half Moon has two outdoor patios. One, near the inside bar, serves drinks and appetizers. The other on the far end of the restaurant, has about 20 outdoor tables with beautiful Hudson views and they serve the complete menu.