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Aug 16, 2008 11:06 AM

Alameda Wine Company's Wine Bar: report

David & I got a chance to try our latest addition to the neighborhood last night and were pleasantly surprised to find not only a modern yet inviting decor but also good wine and bar food (Fatted Calf, yum!) at fairly reasonable prices:
Their motto: "Where good taste is never expensive".
On Central Ave, right next to the Alameda Theatre

Another bonus for us was that they serve (and sell) our favorite sparkling mead: Heidrun
along with the other sparkling wines:
This mead is as far from syrupy as you can get and depending on the honey variety can come close to a Brut with just a hint of sweetness at the end.

We talked with Karen Ulrich (the owner) who is very nice and we look forward to attending upcoming events and participating in the Saturday afternoon tastings: 11:00 am -5:00 pm
$6: 6 one-ounce tastings and snacks

It's exciting to me that now I have somewhere in my town that is open late, concentrates on quality and isn't trying to grab my last dollar or *trendy* me to death. If I want kitch and cocktails, I'll head for Forbidden Island.

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  1. Really, I looked a look at the prices for the snacks and they are really good. Seems like a great place to stop by when going to the movies. Is it just a wine bar or are there some tables?

    Alameda Wine Company
    2315 Central Avenue, Alameda, CA

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      There's the main bar with stools, a bar where you can stand in the middle of the room, at least one window bar seat for two (where we sat) and about 5 tables outside. There's also a nice selection of wine in the racks as well as some in the fridge that can be purchased.