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Aug 16, 2008 11:01 AM

i'm alone and need a place to eat for dinner 2nite

prefer to go somewhere i can eat at the bar because, well it sucks to sit at a table by yourself in a nice restaurant. anywhere in manhattan is fine. last night went to momofuku siam and chikalicious for dessert. both were fantastic and very comfortable for a woman alone. would like something similarly on the "what's happening" radar.

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  1. Bar Boulud might be nice. Not sure how "happening" it is but it is newish - has great charcuterie.

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      Took that advice and tried B. Boulud. Appetizer of lightly pickled beets spritzed with fresh horseradish, followed by canard confit (roast duck) over mixed beans. Accompanied by two reds, the last a Crios Cabernet that finished very nicely. After some thought had Abricot Roti, an excellent pistachio cream with dollop of apricot sorbet serving as the topping of fresh roasted apricots. A couple light biscotti and slivers of apricots dried finished that dessert. Overall a pretty darn good dining experience, like a five dollar milkshake in Jackrabbit Slims, if you know what I mean. Not overly large portions, but I'm not part of obese America and disdain the huge portions of chain restaurants. These portions were right on the mark. I did have a late lunch, but left quite happy. The first red just didn't finish well and I asked for the Crios, and they didn't charge for the first. With tip came in under eighty. I'LL BE BACK! Now where have I heard that before?

    2. If you like seafood you could treat yourself to Pearl Oyster Bar or Mary's Fish Camp in the village? Awesome (and expensive) lobster rolls at both. Counter dining at both as well. Being a Saturday night though, they will both be VERY crowded. You must be willing to either eat early, or wait for a single bar seat to open up (which probably wouldn't be a really ong wait)

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      1. I love soloing at Ushi Wakamura. It's peaceful, good music, insanely good sushi. The draft Sapporo is frigid and between the raw and the cooked, it's great fare.

        1. I like Upstairs at Bouley which is very eclectic but really good. They have a bar seating as well which shouldn't be too difficult to get a seat at.

          1. i love tailor. you can eat downstairs at the bar, but there would be no issue eating upstairs at a table either.

            pearl oyster bar is also an excellent option.

            one of the nice things about new york is no one looks askance at a solo diner.

            b. bar on the upper east side is a good option too