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Aug 16, 2008 09:27 AM

Best Mexican - Madera

We'll be traveling along Highway 99 through Madera to145 and Friant and on to Mono Hot Springs. We should be in Madera around lunch time and we'd love to enjoy some good Mexican food for lunch. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I hope this will be helpful which is the purpose of CH. I have found Madera to be a wasteland of decent food. If you can hold out until Merced I have found that Trevino's in downtown Merced more than adequate. Even though it is downtown parking is free and available on the street. It is only 30 or so minutes north of Madera.

      1. Even though I'm only 40 minutes from Madera, I only pass through on the way north. I can't imagine there isn't one decent place there. Come on Fresnans...there has to be some place!

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          Thanks for the shoutout mrsmegawatt. The thought of stopping at a Taco Bell as monta8 suggested is just so wrong. Merced is also an option if anyone has a recommendation. Please advise.

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            I interpreted the Taco Bell recommendation as a joke not serious and certainly not a help in answering your question.

        2. There is a Sal's in Madera, have never tried it but the ones in Fresno and Selma are excellent for either the braised short ribs or the Karl's Special Burrito (w/ rib meat), order it with extra basting, will easily feed two unless you're starving. Note that Sal's isn't the autentico small double corn tortilla type of place, if that's what you're looking for probably need to come down to Fresno another 20 min, or else hit the taco trucks in Modesto.

          Sal's Mexican Restaurant
          2001 W.Cleveland Ave, Madera, CA, 93638

          I have a note in my files to try Burrito King on Gateway N. of 4th, but only on the tip that they have pupusas. I'd play it on the safe side with Sal's.

          1. If it is still there, you might want to try the Azteca de Oro. It is a small, quaint restaurant on Yosemite Avenue (Hwy.145) near South D Street... right on your route. I can't remember what I ordered but I recall having a flavorful, satisfying lunch there 8 or 9 months ago. This is a very Hispanic part of the valley and you can't get away with mediocre, chain type fare.