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Aug 16, 2008 09:18 AM

Aquasanta - SF.......Would you recommend?

I travel to Santa Fe regularly and would appreciate some feedback on this place. I have not been, but my wife and I are considering. Their reviews seem to be the best in town. I'm looking for a good value on wine, great service, and fun atmosphere.

Our heavy rotation includes il Piatto, Pranzo, Anasazi restaurant, and La Boca.

Thank you,


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  1. I went there for lunch last year and had a pizza I really enjoyed. I have been meaning to go back but haven't made it yet. It is a small place with an open kitchen. Not sure if it what you have in mind when you say fun atmosphere -- it may be a little subdued for you. Maybe you should try it out for lunch, so you won't have to make much of a time or financial commitment while you audition it.

    1. I would not recommend Aqua Santa. I have eaten there several times and feel that it has gone from really good when it first opened (and had no liquor license, so you could take your own really good wine value to enjoy with your meal) to an okay place with a very limited menu - normally only four entrees to choose from. It is VERY hot inside during the summer months and I have seen people with reservations walk out because of th heat inside. My advice would be to try 315 or Ristra. You probably aren't going to get any kind of a steal on wine, but the food is excellent and the atmosphere is more relaxed than that at some of the bigger names in town.

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        Thank you for the tip. Honestly, the air conditioning factor is big for me. I can't believe that a place, at this price point, would not run the AC in the summer!

        I'll check out 315.