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Aug 16, 2008 05:55 AM

Venice inexpensive, help me find the right restaurants

me and my girlfriend are going to venice in octorber and search sone inexpensive but good restaurans. i would be great if there are some that lso offer meat and not only fish.
i have read a lot about restarants here and wanted to know wich of these you would prefer.
we have 3 nights in venice and about 20-25€ üer person per evening ( students :( ).

Vini da Gigio
Trattoria della Marisa
Il Faro
Osteria da Alberto
Osteria dalla Vedova
La Cantina
Trattoria da Remigio

are those restaurants in my price range and if yes, wich 3 of them would you recommend?

thank you very much

ps: if someone knows an inexpensive hotel or B&B not to much away from the center it would be wonderful to let me know.
2 B&Bs have already cancelled my reservation and i am a bit under pressure.
prices should beabout 300-400€ for the 3 days.

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  1. Vini da Gigio, in Cannaregio, is expensive enough, 60 € more or less, exclusive of wine
    I could suggest you this low cost restaurant, PRONTO PESCE PRONTO at Pescheria Rialto San Polo is very nice for cicheto (local typical finger food) and fresh local fish as take away; opened only for lunch and then in the afternoon from 5pm to 7:30pm. You will pay, more or less 15 €, exclusive of wine.
    To sleep, I became client of the B&B CASA GOTTARDI and I like it, therefore I suggest you also because the price is in your budget. Look at its website:

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      Search apartment rentals, and you might have better luck.

      I found that Osteria da Carla was reasonable, and very good - I wish I would have found it when I was a student, and looking for a decent dinner. Surprisingly, it is very close to Piazza San Marco (surprisingly, as in it is that close, AND not a rip-off). (Da Fiore and Vini da Gigio are not in the price range).

      When on a tighter budget, I often find that I try to make the 20-25 dinner price, as an overall average. (ie. some nights might be much less, and others more). I've had a lot of success trying to organize my eating that way, then I don't get so discouraged either! I think your budget is reasonable, but if I was also traveling to other parts of Italy where it is easier to spend less, then I might be able to spend a little more in Venice where it is much more difficult to spend less.

      1. re: hornvixen

        first of all i would like to thank the both of us.

        the casa gottardi was a great lead, i booked a room there. it looks so beatuful, i hope i wont get dissapointed.

        i wrote down both of your recommendations and im quite shure i will try them.
        the budged s only for dinner, and it really is no problem if the price range is a bit lower. my girlfriend doesnt like alcohol at all so the 25€ are for the food itself.

        it anyone has other recommendations please feel free to let me know.

          1. re: philie

            Listen Philie, do you know Sant'Erasmo ?
            It is one of the islands of laguna and its charme in, for me, unpossible to describe using a language different from mine born language.
            Sant'Erasmo is a magical place and there is a smart solution for you to sleep and also to dine: LATO AZZURRO, nice and not expensive.
            Look at its website:
            Wake-up early in the morning and walk around this small island; believe me, you will feel the true atmosphere of Venice more and better that to stay in Piazza San Marco in the crowd.

            1. re: vidanto

              i really dont know that island.
              the b&b is already booked but if i have some time i definitely will take a look.

              1. re: philie

                Sant'Erasmo is one of the island on the lagoon. It is devoid of tourist and consists of mostly small farms that supply much of the fruits and vegetables for Venice. If you like peace and quiet, it is a place to consider but for a first trip to Venice, it is definitely not a place I would consider. The vaporetto, which is expensive for tourists, does not run as often to this islands as the others.
                Of the places on your list, I have not been to Il Faro. All the others are moderate (for Venice about 35-40E per person without wine for a 3 course meal) to very expensive (da Fiori). There are some good pizza places (check earlier posts on this board) in Venice and also the area around Campo Margherita where many students hang out is a good area for inexpensive food. Also check out the wine bars that serve ciccheti.

                1. re: PBSF

                  thank you very much PBSF.
                  i will definitely have a look. 40€ for a meal is quaite a lot for us but its is not necessary to eat a 3 course menu every night.
                  thanks for you advice

    2. You are staying at our favorite place to stay in Venice, which incidentally has an excellent breakfast included in the room rate. Vini di Gigio, Da Fiore and Da Remigio are all places we love but I think out of your price range unless you order very carefully. Near your hotel is tiny Osteria Giorgione which might work for you, also the hosts at your hotel are very knowedgable and helpful with local restauarnt recommendations. I always wanted to try Osteria Alla Frasca based on Jen Kalb's review in this link: and I think it is somewhat near your hotel and may work for your budget. (Her directions are very precise and I found it without trouble although it is far from the tourist areas. Still have not eaten there though.)

      One strategy for eating in Venice would be to eat 2 nights at more expensive restaurants and one night stay in your room and have lovely prosciutto, cheese, fruit and a bottle of wine. Casa del Parmigiano has gorgeous prosciutto, cheeses and olives and a torta di ricotta that I heard was wonderful although we did not try it. If you cross the Rialto Bridge heading for the Rialto market, go past 2 or 3 produce stalls and take your first right into a small campo -- Casa del Parmigiano is in that campo, as is a very good produce stall with lovely fruit.

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      1. re: GretchenS

        welll thanks for this great tip! i will definitely look around after these restaurants!

        1. re: philie

          I had a very nice, inexpensive late lunch here: I think we had the set menu, 3 courses for 15 euros (salad, pasta - 4 cheese gnocchi is fantastic, and coffee/dessert) and I ordered one additional appetizer - we were stuffed between the two of us. I had the best lemon gelato of my life at this restaurant =)