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Aug 16, 2008 05:32 AM

12 Bones-Asheville- what to get?

I will be passing thru Asheville soon and have decided to give this place a try--I know BBQ is subjective, and have read both hot and cold reviews, but I'd like to hear from those who have been there MORE than once about what to get--ribs on the bone vs. pulled, which sides are done well, etc. Another question--time will be short, so if I get there when they open at 11, is the wait very long for carry out? Thanx for any info.

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  1. You should be fine if you are there at 11. The line starts getting really long shortly after that. It does move pretty quick, though. They are not open on weekends, only M-F. We love 12 Bones. I always get the pulled pork and my husband gets the ribs. I think they do a sampler where you could try both. For the sides, I would NOT rec the slaw, beans or mac and cheese. M & C is a little dry, and the slaw and beans are nothing too special when there are so many other good sides to try. I always get the green chile cheese grits and the collard greens. If they are offering the corn pudding that day, get it. So good! And my husband usually gets their mashed potatoes - I think they switch up the flavorings each day or each week or something.

    It might not be the best BBQ you have ever had, but it is solid, and definitely the best in the area, in my opinion. I think the sides are the best part.

    1. Ok, I have only been there once, but it was a delicious lunch. I ordered the pulled pork plate with a side of ribs so I could taste both. For sides, I got the collard greens (which were delicious) and the vinegary cole slaw. I concur that you should get there early unless you don't mind standing on line. Fun atmosphere and the employees are very nice to chat with.

      1. I've been a regular at 12 Bones since they opened so maybe I'd qualify as someone beyond a one-timer. *wink* There is a separate line for take-out so you shouldn't have to wait a long time at all. Instead of waiting in line, go inside and down to the register at the end of the bar (next to the drink station) and someone will take your order. It doesn't take very long to get it.

        I agree about miss piggy's recs on the sides. Avoid the slaw, beans, and mac&cheese. The collards rock, as do the mashed sweet potatoes, buttered green beans, jalapeno cheese grits, corn pudding, and usually the mashed potato of the day is pretty good, too. The only mashed potato I wasn't wild about was the blue cheese mashed potatoes. It didn't work for me. The feta mashed potatoes were great though.

        If you aren't feeling like eating a huge heavy meal, you can order the wedge salad with four ribs. I often do that when I'm not really wanting a lot of food.

        I'm not wild about their pulled pork and almost always get their ribs in some form. One of these days I'm gonna have to branch out!

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          If they have the roasted tomato soup, it is to die for. They had it at the Manna Soup Bowls fundraiser last year and then I ordered a large quanity last November for a dinner and they finally put it on the menu at times. It is wonderful. I love the cranberry or blue berry ribs. I also adore the jalapeno cheese grits (bite of hot without being overbearing).

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            Mmmmm....blueberry chipotle ribs! Those are my favorite, although the brown sugar ones are good, too.

        2. If you're not in a pork frame-of-mind, get the turkey sandwich, with brie, bacon, and pesto mayo. I get it everytime I go, and it's probably my favorite sandwich of all-time.

          1. Well, got a late start and didn't arrive until 12:15 on Friday--there was a line out the door and around the building, but it moved pretty well, and boy, was it worth the wait. The couple in front of me were first timers that had driven there all the way from Hickory, so that plus the line tells you something.The water misters spraying on those in line was an interesting touch--had never seen that before (maybe I've led a sheltered life) I had a good sampling of ribs and 4 sides, plus got a couple more to go. I liked their unique version of coarse, vinegary slaw the best--they had 10 or 12 sides that day. Also enjoyed the greens and mashed sweet potatoes.Didn't get to try the pulled pork this time (heard the ribs were better), but there will certainly be a next time. For any first-timers, if you only want carry-out, go to the left side of the counter (no signs outside that tell you this) Got some sauce to take home, too.

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              Glad to hear you enjoyed it, KyMikey.