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Aug 16, 2008 04:25 AM

ISO exotic, authentic food near Randolph NJ

So, my mother in law is taking me out for my birthday on Sunday. She lives near Randolph (near Morrisdown, Madison, etc.)

While the Cheesecake Factory is the fallback, I'm a complete and utter exotic food fan.

I've had almost everything, from natto to durian to tteok bokki, to--well--tons of other stuff. I've got first choice, and was wondering if anyone knew of any really impressive exotic places in the area (ie: not your standard Chinese food, sushi, Mexican or Thai joint) - but someplace with really impressive, hard to find fixins.

I'm partial to Asian (as per the nickname), but would consider any ethnic cuisine, as long as it's different, and authentic. (Portuguese, Polish, Argentinian, etc....anything.)

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. There is a Turkish restaurant nearby on Route 53 in Denville, Bosphorus II.
    There is a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakech in Parsippany on Route 46.
    There is an Argentinian restaurant in Lake Hiawatha, Chimichurri Grill, 15 minutes away.
    There is an Indian restaurant, Cinnamon, in Powdermill West, next to a Sushi/Japanese Buffet that is pretty good, Minado. In between is the only Kosher restaurant in Morris County, Jonathan's Deli. Very exotic, if you are from Kansas, I suppose.

    In Randolph, not much ethnic food, but the Alexis Diner in Denville, right near the Randolph Border, has a Horiatiki Salad that is not to be believed, and perhaps the best burgers in Morris County.

    1. Hey - one additional edit to the original post ...wondering if maybe baked alaska is available anywhere in the same vicinity (that's something on my to-try list, eventually...and maybe easier to find in NJ?) Thanks...!