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Aug 15, 2008 11:51 PM

Whole fresh black cod in SGV


A few months, I was able to order a whole fresh black cod at New Capital in San Gabriel. I was delighted that I could get a whole fresh fish other than rock cod or tilapia, and they prepared the fish wonderfully. I was wondering what are the other good seafood restaurants in SGV that serve whole fresh black cod - is it something unusual or something you can get fairly easily?

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  1. Many of the HK-style banquet restaurants (e.g. Sea Harbour, 888, Ocean Star, etc.) will have whole cod in their tanks, but availability will vary depending on market conditions.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Usually its rock cod. Had a great rock cod at May Flower last night for $8/pound.

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        Sea Harbour has had black cod in its tanks.

    2. When you say "fresh" was it live from a tank?
      I've never seen black cod swimming in restaurant tanks even at the Asian markets. I've seen black cod on ice at the Asian markets, which I assume is "fresh".

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        Yes, live black cod (swimming in the tanks) is rare. It's often available at Koi Palace in SF. I've also had it a couple of times at Newport Seafood in Rowland Heights. It's delicious steamed in the traditional cantonese way. The flesh is more silken and tender compared to cod.

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          Just curious what this fish actually is.

          According to Wikipedia, "Black cod" is a colloquial term that can refer to at least two unrelated fishes, _Anaplopoma_ /sablefish/butterfish of the north Pacific fished in Alaska (also see and which sort of resembles a trout, or an Sub-antarctic species _Notothenia_ which looks more like a lingcod and is fished off Chile/Faulklands, etc., the same area that brings us Chilean seabass.

          Maybe the former? (to add confusion, neither is related to "true cod" or rockcod/rockfish for that matter).

          1. re: cant talk...eating

            Yes, I believe it's the former. Seen more often in Vancouver Chinese restaurants than here.

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              I concur - it's sablefish/butterfish - found in the North Pacific. It's a relatively common and sustainable fish that has been putting huge lipsmacks and smiles on faces in Japan and Hawaii for decades.

              Chilean seabass, or Patagonian Toothfish, while very rich and delicious as well, has been popular only since the once by-catch species with a face that only its momma-san could love was marketed as "Chilean seabass," because its once-plentiful numbers were too hard to pass up by the fisherman in the Southern Seas starting in the early 90s. You most likely won't see this species in many restaurants' live tanks as it lives in near-freezing waters and is anywhere from 20-400+ pounds. It is now a fish that is of huge story and debate and on most "Do not eat" lists because its rapidly dwindling numbers and its very very slow reproductive rates.


              For those of us who truly enjoy seafood, it's constantly getting harder to be a good and responsible Chowhound...

      2. Just had live black cod at Newport Seafood in Rowland Heights. The waiters were calling it sea trout in english but you can see them swimming in the tanks and it's indeed black cod. We got it steamed cantonese style but you can also get it fried in a spicy preparation. $12.99/lb.