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Hot Pocket Dilemna

Alright, I'll admit it, I've been eating breakfast hot pockets in the morning during the week. I know it's not the most chow worthy item, but they are very convenient and easily prepared in the office microwave.

This morning I took my bacon, egg and cheese hot pocket out of the freezer and, somehow, it didn't quite make it into my purse and was left out on the kitchen counter. Upon my arrival back home (about 13 hours later) I faced the dilemna: Do I put the hot pocket back in the freezer and save it for Monday, or toss it? With all of the preservatives and other unpronouncable ingredients, is it even possible for these things to go bad?

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  1. "When in doubt, throw it out." Although when you've got eggs and cheese sitting at room temperature for 13 hours -- not a great deal of doubt involved. That thing is bacterialicious.

    1. I would throw it out.

      I like to weigh which is worse--throwing away a couple of dollars worth of food, or a night of extreme intestinal distress.

      1. I'd probably throw it out, but I did have an officemate in grad school who would put Hot Pockets in her desk drawer at the beginning of the week and eat them without ill effects.

        1. Do not refreeze. Do not refreeze. BTW Do not refreeze.

          1. well, that settles it - It's gone.

            Thank you, everyone!!!

            1. Today for lunch I ate a Stouffer's mac and cheese that defrosted for 11ish hours in my car last week when I forgot to bring it into my office. So far, so good. I'd eat that Hot Pocket.

              Edited to add I did refreeze it, it hadn't been sitting out since then or anything. :p

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                I know someone who brings frozen cheapy dinners for his lunch and sits them on his desk for 5+ hours before he nukes. I screamed holy cannoli the first time I saw that he did it, but he laughed at me and calmly said he has done this for many, many years and there is 'nothing' wrong with this practice. However he does have a problem re-freezing stuff once it's thawed.

                1. re: Boccone Dolce

                  I agree with him, but I don't mind re-freezing, usually.

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                    My labmate is the same way. Every morning she brings her microwaveable lunch and leaves it on her desk until noon. Many people have balked at her--it's actually quite amusing. Every new person always says something to her about it. She seems to be doing alright.

                    1. re: pollymerase

                      Nobody's ever said anything to me about it before. I didn't know it was considered dangerous by some till this thread.