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Aug 15, 2008 07:35 PM

Korean BBQ in North Wales

We stopped in and tried the Korean BBQ in North Wales, we are not familiar with this type of food at all and figured, hey lets be wild. Well, everyone was polite but asking the waiter questions and he was speaking English, I still had a hard time understanding him so I just pointed to the ribeye steak and noodles on the menu. The steak was awesome and I am not a big meat eater. The noodles and the side dishes I was not to sure what they were, the noodles were dark and had a whole hard boiled egg in it. Then the waiter bought a bowl of broth and told us to mix it in. I think they had some kind of cold zuchini that was tempura or something.

Anyway, is anyone familiar with what the food is at these type of places and what you are supposed to do? We sat at a table without a BBQ, We were a little lost in there.

I will say the place sure smelled yummy. I want to try some more stuff once I learn a little more. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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    1. In the Trend free newspapar mitch did a nice review of that place awhile ago with a good walk through of what was ordered. I clipped it out. I'll see if I can find the clipping or better yet find it online. I've been meaning to go there myself.

      1. It is where the old Cravings Cafe was near Assi near Redners in North Wales/Landsdale. We stopped at the beer distributor there and it smelled so good we figured we would get something and give it a try.

        1. Every time I've been to Korean BBQ, I've sat at a table with a hot plate where I'm given meat and various veggies and your cook everything yourself. Not sure what that's not what you had.

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            There is a Korean BBQ place in Center City -- on Chestnut, close to 21st. Since I work in town, we go there every once in a while for lunch. We have not done the cook-at-the-table thing gk because it takes too long, but we like to get something call bibimbop. It's a bowl with sizzling rice on the bottom & various veggies piled on top. It also comes with an egg, although I have them leave it off of mine. Your choice of meat -- I usually get a spicey pork. It comes with a variety of little dishes af accompaniments, most very spicey, that you can mix in or eat separately. They serve a bowl of miso soup first -- I save mine to pour into the bibimbop bowl because it tastes good, cools it down a bit, and makes wonderful sizzling noises. For an app, sometimes wen get bulgogi to share -- very fat chunks of rice flour dumplings (think gnocci on steroids)-in a very spicy red sauce.

            One of these days I'll get the BBQ. It looks yummy.

          2. There's a place in Blue Bell (probably not where you were) Called Korea Garden. This place has good Korean BBQ. There are also good ones near the Assi (mentioned above) and all over Cheltenham.

            For the novice...try the Bul Go Ki. It's essentially thin sliced ribeye marinated and seasoned. Usually a grill will be lifted out from under the table...sometimes they'll bring one out and place it there instead. You'll receive a platter of the beef along with a lot of side dishes....pickeled veg, raw veg, sauces, bean pastes, rice...etc. You cook the meat yourself at the table....don't let this intimidate's incredibly easy and quick.