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Aug 15, 2008 06:52 PM

ethnic food in the hopkins med school area?

so i'm looking for a birthday present for my food junkie brother and thought that what might be most appropriate is a gift certificate for a dinner out. he starts med school at Johns Hopkins this fall, so a restaurant in the area would be preferable. he loves ethnic food--indian, japanese, ethiopian, malaysian, you name it. help me out, please!

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  1. Unfortunately, there are not too many options directly in the Hopkins Med area. I don't know if Nanami Sushi sells gift certificates, but that might be your best option. That's in Fells Point, about 20 minute walk from Reed Hall (and not recommended to walk alone late at night). Alternatively, the Helmand (terrific Afghani, in Mt. Vernon, just off the Hopkins shuttle stop) or Akbar (Indian) might be options. It's a little walk from the shuttle stop, but Dukem has terrific Ethiopian, and you might be able to get a gift certificate for that too. Let me know if you want more ideas. (And from a fellow Hopkins Med foodie, it'd be fun to meet a compatriot soul!)

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      hey i just interviewed at hopkins today--went to mama mias for a good breakfast sandwich, but didnt really spot any other there really nothing within walking distance?

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        Sadly, no. There was a little dosa place behind Northeast market that I went to once and enjoyed, but there's no seating, just takeout. In Northeast market, there's a pretty reasonable Korean lunch counter with grilled chicken. Hot Mustard is a new teriyaki chicken lunch takeout kind of place. ABC Sushi is a sushi place with terrific home-made chile sauces that wants to be more upscale, but constrained by the lunch-time clientale. Life of Reilly's is an Irish pub at Washington and Fairmont where my GF enjoyed their sweet potato fries.

        So no good dinner options, but some passable options for lunch.

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          about eight blocks down broadway there are good latino places.
          start with el trovador