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Aug 15, 2008 06:07 PM

Waffle Iron....on the cheap

I'm looking to buy a waffle iron. Nothing fancy, I don't want to spend more than twenty dollars. I've been looking for one on Craig's list. I'm not a big waffle cook, in fact I've never even made waffles before not have I ever even ordered one out at breakfast... but I saw a great looking recipe from Williams Sonoma for a malted waffle with some kind of chocolate sauce. I'm having some sort of craving. I want to make this recipe but I don't have a waffle iron. Any suggestions. Thanks!!!

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  1. You don't get much of a waffle iron for under twenty bucks. But there's one about 3/4 of the way down the page on this site for about $16, Stock # 1588:

    1. For $20 you're going to get what you pay for. That said, my waffle iron cost around $20 and it does the job ok, if not great. The problem is uneven heating. My iron makes square waffles. I've heard that round waffle irons tend to heat more evenly. Other than that, I doubt you'll find a great machine at that price.

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        I've been thinking about buying the same waffle iron that todao suggested. I've only made waffles on some high tech waffle iron that was in my college cafeteria, so I'm a bit inexperienced, myself. The reasons why I've been thinking about that simple waffle iron, made by Rome, is 1.)It's the original way to make waffles. I'm sure that our great grandmothers were using something very similar. 2.)It's cast iron, and i love cast iron. Most of the electric ones are nonstick, which I'm trying to get away from. And 3.) because it wouldn't take up as much space as an electric one. I live in a small apartment, and I don't have alot of space to store an electric waffle iron.

      2. Check Tuesday Morning, I looked there about a month ago and they had some Villaware Waffle makers for around $30.00. I would have bought one but all they had were patterns, flowers and hearts and such. They weren't what I was looking for. That WS recipe does look good.

        1. I would buy an inexpensive electric model with Teflon coating at Target or WalMart, first. Have fun with the batters. They can be leavened with baking soda/powder, egg white, or yeast (I personally prefer the yeast batters myself). Definitely try some of those novelty mixes at William Sonoma -- they have chocolate and pumpkin flavored mixes that are kind of fun. If smitten, you can always upgrade.

          I have a couple of the stovetop cast iron units (by Rome) and while I think they produce superior waffles (crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, never flabby!), they are very unforgiving. Getting the irons heated up properly is a little tricky -- you are only heating one side at a time, unlike electrics where both sides have heating elements. The batter will stick like crazy unless the iron is well-seasoned AND greased AND both halves are the right temp. I remember prying the halves apart with a pocket knife after my first two or three attempts. Waffle batters have lots of fat, so the seasoning improves a lot with each batch. Unless you have lots of patience, I would skip the cast iron for now, even though they are in your budget range.

          1. I have exactly what MikeB suggested... a teflon coated (round) waffle maker from Target. I think it's an Oster. It was $20, I've used it maybe 6 times and it's made tasty enough waffles every time. I'm not a waffle connoisseur by any means so I didn't want to spend too much. I'm pretty happy with it and I'm glad that I only spent $20 since I haven't used it too much since the novelty wore off! :)