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Aug 15, 2008 05:18 PM

German Food in Portland?

I did a search and didn't really see much about German food in Portland.

Does anybody have any insight as to great German food in Portland?

I am aware of Der Rheinlander and Berlin Inn, I have only been to Der Rheinlander and it was some time ago. Although I remember enjoying it, I was young and didn't have much to comapre with.


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  1. Berlin Inn is the better of the two places. Rheinlander is a bit theme-ish for me. Berlin Inn does some really traditional dishes like braised pork knuckle, spaetzel in butter, saurbraten, etc... its not earth shattering(but then again traditional german cuisine has never been) but its done with care and is fairly authentic. that said, i tend to only go during late fall and winter. its hearty, filling food. not what you want on a 100degree day.

    modern germans however are trending, and have been for awhile now towards much lighter fare with flavors of the traditional. The one thing this town seems to lack is that modern take on german food. I would love to see that!

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      I would point out that the original Rheinlander location on NE Sandy is really two restaurants in one. One side is the full-on multi-course experience (complete with accordions and singing) which can be a bit overwhelming and likely to induce a good food coma. The other side is Gustav's Bier Stube which has a menu that ranges from sausages, sandwiches, and schnitzels on the light side to heavier entrees (sauerbraten and pork/veal meatballs) and massive sampler platters. The rotisserie meats (and sandwiches made thereof) are quite good. Yes, both sides have their share of kitsch but I'm rarely disappointed with the food.

      I can't say I'd recommend the other Gustav's locations around the metro area, mostly on the principle that satellite locations rarely live up to the standards of the "home office."

      I've been to Berlin Inn a few times for brunch and once for dinner, and found it to be a balancing act between being more authentically German than Rheinlander but somewhat more amateurishly run.

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        Thanks Jeff.

        I guess I knew the answer all along, it's Der Rheinlander ,I'll have to check out Gustav's, I've seen it but only been next door.