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Aug 15, 2008 05:07 PM

Michelangelo's in Silver Lake

Anyone know when they are planning on re-opening in the old Flor Morena space? I used to be stumbling distance away and have been craving some Ravioli Radicchio like nobody's business. Class?! Anyone?

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  1. I hadn't heard this. But I love michelangelo's, and they catered something for us in a real wuick pinch and did an amazing job. if they are reopening in flor morena, it will be a lot closer to my house.

    1. It looks very close, but when I drove by Friday morning the yellow tape was still up in the parking lot.

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      1. re: Chowpatty

        Seemed to be comin' down this Saturday PM

        r gould-saltman no avatars

      2. I spoke to Guiseppe yesterday and it sounds like they will be opening next week sometime. The place looks very nice and they are pretty much ready to roll.

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          1. re: tastetastic78

            FYI - the new Michelangelo opens tonight.

            1. re: scurvy

              Yep, balloons and all. It looks like a party though.

              1. re: cls

                I was there! It wasn't exactly a private party, we are just fans who called and got a reservation at 6:30. Obviously, many of the patrons were old friends and family of the owners and there was definitely a party vibe! We had just started going regularly before they had to move, so we are still getting to know the staff.

                Of course, it's a SOFT SOFT opening, so there were mild service and timing issues, but apologies were offered and it didn't take long for things to seem up to speed. They were serving full menu, but no wine or beer just yet. We didn't get to ask when that was coming, but for now, it sounded like free corkage (please don't hold me to that, call in advance to confirm.)

                I love Michelangelo's for what it is. An honest to goodness family business, run with much love and care. The space is adorable, very warm inside with candles, chandeliers, and amber lights. Considering how much I disliked the interior of Flor Morena, this was a great surprise. The outside patio is covered and blocked from the street by a row of potted trees. It's just darling.all around, and very comfortable.

                They must be doing something right to open so soon after closing their other location. It's been a matter of a few months, which in this town is a miracle.

                Some recommendations:
                The parking lot was a mess, they had to constantly walk around asking people if their cars were blocking other cars. I know this will be sorted out soon, but for now, I advise parking on the street or risk getting blocked in by someone else.

                Be patient as they settle in to having at least twice as many more tables, a new kitchen, new set up, etc.

                The menu is much the same as the old, and the prices are the same as well.

                I am so happy to support this local business, and I'm glad to see the family back on its feet so soon after being forced out of their other space after 10 years. I wish them much continued success!


                The new address is 2742 Rowena in Silver Lake.

                1. re: annalulu

                  No beer & wine "just yet". Well, they do not even have a conditional use permit to serve alcohol, and so it will be at least 6-12 months before either will be available. In the meantime, walk next door to Nicky D's, they serve both(g)!

                  1. re: carter

                    Why would you go to Nicky D's when Michelangelo has free corkage, a wider selection of food and arguably better pizza?

                    BTW (and this is obviously not directed at carter), the restaurant is called Michelangelo - no possessive, no plural. Just like Spago, Nordstrom, Valentino and Akasha. Sorry about that grammar rant...I feel better.

                    1. re: scurvy

                      Legally, Michelangelo cannot allow free corkage(BYOB), and if they try to get an abc license, that policy will come to a halt, at least until the approval is granted. If not, the process will not even be allowed to start.

                        1. re: JeMange

                          Well, as I said, I would call first. To be honest, it may have just been that opening night.

                          I had no idea that "free corkage" wasn't allowed. I thought there were plenty of restaurants in L.A. that had that policy?

                          1. re: annalulu

                            The thing with the ABC is that you can have a free corkage policy as does the Patina Restaurant Group for its restaurants, or Houstons, etal.
                            However, to legally HAVE a corkage policy, you must first have a liquor or beer & wine license that allows the consumption of wine on the premises, which those licenses do.

                  2. re: annalulu

                    Way before it was Flor Morena, it was a bar with a pool table - dark, dirty, and smoky.

                    1. re: toitoi

                      Yeah (and we're getting kind of historical) but it was a BEER bar, with a beer license, and as the first set of would-be developers learned, apaarently it was a SUSPENDED beer license....

                      1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                        Yes the AutoBar's license was suspended, but Jered Hobbins, said first developer, had already secured the right, via C.U.P., to obtain a 47 license, yet ultimately did not have the funds to do the project when the time came to it.
                        However, the C.U.P. had a time limitation, which elapsed as did the C.U.P., and thus now anyone must start over, which I hope Giuseppe will do, at least to obtain a beer & wine version.