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Aug 15, 2008 04:16 PM

Best subs in Hendersonville, maybe even Asheville

Normally, I hate subs because they're all like those crappy, flavorless things Jerod seems to live on. Not Monte's! Happily, they sliced their meat fresh to put no delicate pillows of bun and top with delicious fresh from the local farmer's market vegetables. The onion and pickle were not the usual slices, but diced so you could have a little in every bite. The hot red peppers amazed me with their yumminess. Unlike Firehouse, in Arden, these subs were not soggy. I hate soggy subs with warm lettuce. I'm undecided about Quizno's in comparison because the two are so different. Oh yeah, Monte's is on RT 25 between the license bureau and the Mountain Home post office (nice & close to home for me!).

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  1. Do they have red wine vinaigrette or some other sort of vinaigrette to dress the subs? I like a really good vinaigrette to top the veggies on a sub. Also, do you know their hours of operation? I would only be out that way on the weekend, so it would be nice to try a different sandwich place for a change.

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      They're open until 2 on Saturday and closed Sunday. And yes to the vinaigrette.

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      1. I had a friend who went last week, they said the subs were okay, but it took over an hour to get their food. Sounds like there are still a few kinks...

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          Hmmm, that's not good. That was my gripe with Negozio's - too slow, although they are better now. We were going to go to Monte's with my mom next week and patience is not her best thing........guess we'd better have a backup plan. or wait until they get organized. I was hoping they'd have a good Italian.

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            I can't believe anyone had to wait that long! I've been there at least 5 or 6 times since my original post & had no problems with waiting. In fact, I've never waited. My husband goes there for lunch pretty often and has also never had to wait. A lot of times that we're there, people will call in orders to pick up. If you're really concerned about waiting more than a few minutes, try calling in. Here's there website:
            I also need to tell the world about their addictive, crack-like potato salad. Oh. My. God. If I could simply order a vat to wallow in, I would. Don't miss it.