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Aug 15, 2008 04:01 PM

L'ami Louis-worth the trouble?

Will be in Paris in November for 1 night.(we've been a few times before and done all
the usual suspect bistros) Have heard and read about L'ami Louis forever. Does anybody
still think its worth the trouble to get a reservation, not to mention the $$?
It used to sound like a place/experience you had to do once in your life-wondering
if its still in that category.
Thanks all.

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  1. Visited two days ago for lunch based on Zagat-Paris rating.
    Yes, it is a once in a lifetime experience - once, never again.
    Food acceptable to good, but at these prices, settings and service - ridiculous.
    On the other side - if you like the PeterLuger style - go.
    As Luger is in the NYC Zagat highly rated there seem to be quite few masochists around - but still about twice the price at Louis: 3 slices of foigras = € 57. (approx 90 US$ these days), frog legs the same price.
    At l´Escargot de Montorgeuil foie gras 27 €, at BuddhaBar frog legs 28 €, both memorable experiences. (Just my taste)

    1. I dined at L'Ami Louis in 1997, just before the horrible car crash. Many people will disagree with me, God bless them all, I found the food to be good but nothing special, and breathtakingly overpriced. The waiter was courteous, but the maitre'd was sarcastic.

      By comparison, we dined at Chez Denise last November, arriving without a reservation at a busy time. The owner, seated at the bar, said, "I can seat you. The menu is on the blackboard, we have a wine list. If you order the house wine, we bring a liter and you pay for what you drink." It was festive, noisy, and almost everyone having dinner was French.

      I ordered hanger steak, 34 Euros, and they brought me two of them, large. The house wine was fine, desserts were delicious, the lady ordered tripe simmered in Calvados and loved it. It was so enjoyable, we returned the following night.

      Chez Denise served the meal I expected to enjoy at L'Ami Louis. Anyone who visits L'Ami Louis should bring plenty of money.