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Aug 15, 2008 03:34 PM

What Happened To Blooms Kosher Deli?

I took a drive there the other night and couldn't believe they had gone out of business.
Does anyone know what happened? I guess the TV spots weren't drawing people in.
That's a shame. First it was Mount Kisco Deli and now Blooms. All the kosher delis
in my area are gone.

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  1. I loved the Deli in Mt. Kisco. That was a terrible loss! Blooms was not as good (and was overpriced), but it did hit the spot. According to the local paper, it just closed one day. The owner gave no reason.

    So where can I get some pastrami and pickles now?

    1. Kisco Kosher is now in White Plains. It's no Second Ave. Deli but better than either of the Epsteins.

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      1. re: laylag

        As someone who was brought up in Epsteins (well, I ate more of their food than anything my mother ever cooked) I agree Kisco is now better- but pricey. And would it kill the owner of Kisco to smile once in a while?

        1. re: addictedtolunch

          good point; what's his problem? reads the Times most of the time when I am there while manning the register.

          1. re: addictedtolunch

            I think he was slightly cordial to us.... once. Agree prices are too high as well.

            1. re: addictedtolunch

              I agree. That little man who ran the MK Kosher deli was downright unfriendly. Like he was doing you a favor to sell you a corned beef sandwich.

              1. re: addictedtolunch

                I grew up on Epstein's on Jerome Avenue and Schweller's (now gone). True, Kisco Kosher was so dirty, but the new place in White Plains is clean. I had a great brisket sandwich there last week, but the guy, even after I reminded him that I was a customer from Mt, Kisco, still did not smile!

            2. I too was sad to see Bloom's close. However, I noticed a distinct decline in food quality and preparation over the couple of years it was open. I think that the location was questionable, in that IMHO there would have been a larger demand fof the product a few miles south, ie in Chappaqua or Mt, Kisco. Mt. Kisco Kosher (style) deli was unquestionably one of the most physically UNAPPETIZING spots in terms of decor, and he managed to survive until his lease ran out.

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              1. re: steelydad

                MK Kosher is now in White Plains. Mr :( still reads to paper and never smiles. I find the food to be inconsistent.

                1. re: steelydad

                  Yorktown actually has a pretty large Jewish population. We ate at Blooms several times since we are in the area I found them to be very inconsistent from one visit to the next, one time you'd get a big sandwich the next time it would be tiny.

                  And it did not come close to comparing to Ben's Deli in Queens on Long Island. And since we have family there and eat there with them, there was no sense in being disappointed by eating at Blooms.

                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    Yes, Yorktown does have a very sizeable Jewish population--and Bloom's seemed at least relatively busy whenever I went there. The take-out seemed to doa very good business. I agree with the above tha it was too expensive and inconsistent. And the space was really souless--I much prefered the atmosphere of Kisco when it was in Kisco.

                    1. re: dma1250

                      If you are in White Plains, how about you get on the train and go to, hmmmm, you decide. It will die everywhere if people go to a place that is overpriced and unpleasant due only to location. of course, they are all overpriced for what they provide.

                      1. re: RaSilverman

                        Hey, the heck with principle. When I need my fix, I need my fix. Taint gonna shlep down to Katz's just to prove a point.

                2. K.I.S.S: Was caused their closing was the economy. As with many mid-line.mid-level resturants, costs went up while profits went down.

                  1. I had a hard time finding a kosher deli myself.... I went to Blooms the into Mt. Kisco and both were closed down. I ended up finding a kosher restaurant in White Plains I think was off of East Post rd. by the Outback.

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                    1. re: samiameggsandham

                      That is the old Mt. Kisco Kosher Deli - same restaurant and owners, new location.