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Aug 15, 2008 03:14 PM

Where do the Locals eat in Oak Bluffs, MV?

So my wife and I will be visiting Oak Bluffs for a day and a half and we're looking for a "must try" for dinner. I've done a little bit of searching and found some nice rec's for breakfast/lunch, but still a little undecided for dinner. This is the third leg of our East Coast trip, and she's not HUGE on seafood, so as long as there's some other land lover fare, that would work too. Locals, please help us out. Regards, Brandon

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  1. Any locals around here?

    1. they probably go over to The Black Dog in Vineyard Haven

      There are some good simple places on the main drag in OB

      1. Most locals - year rounders- avoid the Black Dog except for breakfast. (I was a year rounder for a very long time- now I am a regular visitor.) If you really do want to stay in Oak Bluffs and go where the locals go, you could try Off Shore Ale, Sharky's, Giordano's or Park Corner Bistro. Sweet Life is the best but most locals only get there for a special occasion if they can. (Summer is when most local families/individuals work very hard in order to make it through the winter.) There are many restaurants in other towns, which you can find by looking around the New England board, as it seems you have done. Personally, I would recommend Mediterranean in Vineyard Haven which is a BYOB spot and offers a really creative dinner menu. If you call ahead, you can request a table outdoors overlooking the water. I am sure other locals will contribute to this thread with their ideas, but here's a few to get you started. Have fun- the weather's been just great.

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          A cheap eat (filling food, reasonable prices) is Linda Jean's on the main street. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner - nothing at all special, nothing to say 'wow!' ....just good food.

        2. Sugar Shack - right on the harbor, next to Coop de Ville

          1. We love Balance in OB -- go on the later side. The menu changes often, but when we were there last, we enjoyed the small plates as well as the entrees. Lots of "local" summer people! Love Sweet Life. Linda Jean's for breakfast only. Don't forget about buying your apple fritter at Back Door Donuts behind the bakery after 10 pm!