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Aug 15, 2008 02:55 PM

My S.African Valley Lunch Review:

Today a buddy took me to "SPRINGBOK Sports Bar & Grill" in Victory & Balboa in the Valley.

Time to dive into the flavor of S. Africa.

We started out with some S.African beer which was nice and then split an appetizer of "Sammy's Samosas" 3 curried beef pastries with a sweet chilli sauce, was yummy!

The table next to us had the calamari which looked quite good too. This other table all had burgers which had my mouth watering.

The special was lamb curry which sounded tempting but we went with other dishes off the menu.

I had their version of ribs which were wonderful-fell right off the bone and my buddy had pieces of chicken curry on a skewer over rice.

The place was packed during a work week lunch.

I shall return,


16153 Victory Blvd.

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  1. I always wanted to try this place especially since they have "Bunny Chow." It's at the airport, I think?

    1. What exactly is the monkey sauce they use on their burgers?

      1. I have enjoyed the chicken with piri-piri sauce several times. It's the only restaurant I know that serves a lettuce salad and a cabbage salad (both fine) together as sides with the same meal.

        Beware - it gets pretty hot in there. I won't be eating there in August.

        1. Just to keep people from going nuts: it's Springbok at Lake Balboa; it's at Victory at about WOODLEY, NOT at the intersection of Balboa Bl. and Victory....