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Aug 15, 2008 02:41 PM

Good Cheap Eats in Lincoln or Omaha NE

I'm driving from Denver to Minneapolis next week. Seems like Lincoln or Omaha would make a good meal stop.
Anywhere you particularly like in either city?
I'd rather not eat at a chain and I like Midwestern "home cookin'" as long as there's no canned mushroom soup in sight! :)
I also like ethnic restaurants (Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese etc).

I'll be eating alone and the budget is smallish(less than $20).


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  1. If your in Omaha during a friday or saturday, Hiro has a great reverse happy hour from 10pm-12 with a great selection of sushi and appetizers. Other Asian restaurants worth noting are MyThai on 144th? and W.Center in the Harvey Oaks Plaza if you want Thai. For Vietnamese theres a place around 130th and W. Center called Saigon. For Indian I go to the Taj, its in a plaza somewhere around 112th and Dodge.