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Aug 15, 2008 01:30 PM

Wedding Cake in East Bay?

My Partner and I are ftying the knot and I'm looking for recommendations for a wedding cake? We were thinking Katrina Rozelle in the Rockridge district. Any other suggestions.

50 Guests.

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  1. I visited Katrina Rozelle, but I got my cake through Flours. The owner of Flours is based in Oakland as well. Her cakes were superior to what I tried at Katrina Rozelle and she quoted be about $300 less. She used to bake at Tartine in SF and her flavor combos are great.

    1. Go talk to Safeway and ask to taste. They did my son's wedding cake several years ago. (in Clayton) It tasted great and was beautiful, oh and inexpensive.

      1. Walnut Creek baking Company is AMAZING (though a little pricey), but amazing and worth it. Also La Gateau Elegant in Martinez was incredibly tasty. but of the two I would check out WCBC.

        1. Sweet Adeline did an amazing job for our wedding 3 years ago.

          Jennifer was very flexible about decorating (she loved the organic market flowers I brought to make the cake a centerpiece of our overall decor) and ingredients (at the time, I worked for a local chocolate maker and needed to showcase our wares).

          The Lemon and Chocolate cakes were both delicious,affordable and she delivered to the site...

          Sweet Adeline
          3350 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA

          1. We had Montclair Baking do our cake a while back and I loved it
            The Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake is yummy! BTW, cake tasting is one of the best parts about getting hitched. Make several appointments and eat free cake! : ) Seriously though, it depends on your tastes, needs and budget. Most "wedding" cakes can run you $4-10/serving, but since you're only having 50 guests, you might be able to splurge or just have a simple and delicious cake. Your call.
            Also, fondant can make a setting for a beautiful design, but I personally wouldn't want to eat it. Real Buttercream (or whipped cream) is much more eater-friendly IMO.
            Congrats and Good Luck!