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Aug 15, 2008 01:28 PM

Drive and Dine out of SF

A slightly unusual request for recommendations here. New to living in SF, loving it of course, but delightfully carless. For our upcoming anniversary, thinking about chartering a car or limo and would like to go someplace excellent for dinner that is not easily accessible normally, aka not in the city. Maybe north in Marin or Pt Reyes. So am looking for a place:

- That would have at least in part a beautiful driving component to it. Just going for the evening, so shouldn't be too far away.

- That would end in an excellent, romantic dinner. Price can be pretty high (but probably not French Laundry high), and it should be nice, but doesn't have to be crazy fancy, casual is okay too if the food is remarkable. We love tasting menus. For instance Manka's sounded perfect but since it is not open, that's out.

Yes, I know I want it all. But any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The drive from SF to Manresa is lovely if you take 280 > 92 > 35 > 9, around 90 minutes from SF city limits. You could stop for wine tasting at Thomas Fogarty.

    1. How about Manka's just outside SF?
      Or perhaps Cetrella in Half Moon Bay?
      This is more of a jaunt, but Sea Ranch Lodge is a gorgeous drive, and the dining is very romantic:

      1. Sorry - I didn't realize Manka's was closed! I skipped over the last part of your post.
        One more to try: The Olema Inn