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Aug 15, 2008 01:13 PM

Korean BBQ or Churrascaria for Bday dinner

We are taking my Dad out for a birthday dinner and are looking for a place that is nice but will work with kids (7-10 years old). Everyone loves meat so we thought either Korean BBQ or Brazilian churrascaria. Fogo de Chao will add up quick (our treat). Any other suggestions for good meat and nice atmosphere that won't break our bank account?

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  1. what areas are you willing to travel to? this will help to narrow the field. thanks

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    1. re: justagthing

      I just got a coupon from Samba for 25% of the bill, maybe just during the week though, can't remember. If interested I can e mail it to you. It is in Redondo beach, not sure if that is too far. The meats were good and it is on the ocean, so nice views.

    2. I like Gauchos Village in Glendale. It a nice atmosphere and on the weekends they have live Brazilian dancers that everybody gets a kick out of. I think it’s about $30/head for the buffet.

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        I also recommend the Gaucho Grill. Hlf the price of Fogo and real laid back with Brazilian dancers on Fri & Sat nights.

      2. if you can go out for lunch during the week, fogo de chao is half the price, and it is really good. The meat is quality. There is a place on Wilshire near western that a friend from brazil goes to and says it is really good, and is about 25per person.

        If not try Soot Bull Jeep on eighth street. Good korean around 20 per person and is casual and the kids would like because they can cook the food.

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          The place on Wilshire, near Western is called M Grill.

          We enjoy M Grill a lot. It's probably closer to $35/person for dinner. Soot Bull Jeep has great Korean BBQ but does not take reservations and may be difficult for a larger group. It also has very little atmosphere and is quite smoky.

        2. Try Manna restaurant in K-town for his next birthday. It's outdoors, inexpensive and a ton of meat.