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Aug 15, 2008 01:12 PM

Maiwand Kebab - Arundel Mills/Preserve

Is it open yet?!!!

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  1. Does anyone know if this has opened yet? The Maiwand Kabob website still says "coming in August".

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    1. re: Jason1

      I drove by yesterday - sign still says "Coming Soon".

    2. I would want to go here because of the hilarious name alone...

      1. The Arundel Mills/Preserve location of Maiwand Kabob finally opened this weekend. The food is as good as the other locations.

        1. Was just there for their Monday night lamb curry. Lovely sauce, buttery, spicy but with tantalizing hints of sweetness to intrigue your palate. The chunks of lamb were melty but not gooshy, and had a good lamb flavour. The naan was not bad, perhaps not as charred as I like it. We also got sides of saag (heavenly) and garbanzo beans (gorgeous). I am missing the meal even as I type this this morning.

          However, if you go, one side is enough for two people. We were almost too well-fed.