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Aug 15, 2008 12:20 PM

Best Chinese Anywhere in Houston?

I'm new to Houston--have been a NYC foodie for the last 5 years.

Having moved to Houston two months ago, I've been to a few different Chinese restaurants. I've found one that supercedes all others I've been to, not only in Houston, but NYC, San Francisco, and Boston as well: China View on Katy Freeway. It's truly one of the best restaurants in terms of food quality I've been to of any cuisine and any price range. The salt and pepper tofu in particular is one of the best dishes in terms of quality of ingredients, textures, flavors, and inventiveness I've ever had.

I've been shocked to see it so rarely mentioned on this board. Do people agree with my assessment? Disagree?

For those who have been to China View, have you found better Chinese elsewhere in the city and/or country? (Only Shiao Lan Kung and Lee How Fook in Philly equal this restaurant for me regarding Chinese cuisine.)

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  1. I agree with you. I rarely make it all the way out to the west side as the Katy Freeway is a disaster. The BYOB policy is just gravy. A good bottle of pinot with the lamb or duck and that's last meal quality right there.

    My other fave is Fung's Kitchen on 59. Different kind of restaurant though.

    You can't go wrong with either.

    Fung's Kitchen
    7320 Southwest Fwy Ste 115, Houston, TX 77074

    1. seth, tell me more about china view. there are no reviews of the restaurant on yelp. the reviewers on B4-u-eat are ordering chinese-american dishes like sweet and sour and general chicken. also, so many of the reviews are glowing that it's hard to believe they are all legit.

      and what kind of chinese food are you looking for in houston? i take it you've been to chinatown on bellaire already.

      1. Seth, I agree with you! I have recommended China View before and it has fallen on deaf ears. They have an extensive menu, with the "tried and true" entrees and then there are the other entrees that are much more exciting. It is also a gorgeous place. Here is a link:

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          1. I am not an expert on the cuisines of the various regions of China, and China View is not a "traditional" Chinese restaurant. Others on this board are much more qualified than I to point to the best Cantonese restaurant, Szechuan, etc. Oh, and I'd LOVE recommendations from all who have such knowledge! (Fung's Kitchen is next on my list--thanks for the recommendation).

            What makes China View special is that the chef has an extremely high IQ, and he's innovative. His vegetables are fresh and perfectly cooked, his sauces are flavorful and complex, and his Fried Noodle Bowl in particular is truly a foodie's dream. His salt and pepper tofu, for instance is salt-baked tofu, lightly seasoned with pepper, covered by grilled onions and peppers and served with an apple cider sauce. This is innovative cuisine on par with Indika (which deserves a whole other thread about how lucky Houston is to have such a restaurant).

            I guess I never thought I'd find such a culinary genius in the parking lot of a somewhat seedy La Quinta Inn.

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              What is authentic anyways? China has 1.3 billion people (thanks Olympic coverage!), so the concept of an all encompassing authentic Chinese restaurant won't work. China View reminds me of my last meal I had in Hong Kong, which was described as cutting edge Cantonese. So anyways, don't worry. China View would do well in Hong Kong/Shanghai too.

              That being said, I'd suggest avoiding the lunch buffet. It's not bad, but I would guess they added that as a means to attract diners who are used to the traditional (read: Chinese American) restaurant concept.

              As for Fung's, if you go for dinner, go for the seafood specials on the front page of the menu, but be warned it is not your average cheap Chinese restaurant. You can spend a lot of money there. On the weekends, they have a fantastic Dim Sum, which I think is the best in town.