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Aug 15, 2008 11:54 AM

Savannah Suggestions

I'm sending my parents to Savannah for their first visit and am looking for recommendations of restaurants for all meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Would prefer places within walking distance of the historic district, so they don't have to drive. Also want to know if it's worth it for them to try to go to Paula's place. Have heard such mixed reviews about the place.

Thanks y'all!

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  1. I was there about six months ago, and we stayed at a B&B so I'm sorry I can't help you for breakfast. However I did enjoy both Soho South Cafe and Harris Baking Co. for lunch, and I would recommend both restaurants. Harris Baking Co. is a bakery that serves B & L, it was a great place to sit down and have a bite to eat while sitting outside. Soho South is a funky place that serves a good lunch, and they definitely focus on fresh ingredients. We did dinner at Bistro Savannah and Alligator Soul. Both were good, but not great, and I found Alligator Soul to be overpriced. I live in Charleston so for what we paid for our dinner at AS, they focus on steak, I feel I could have had a much better meal for the money here in Charleston. I did enjoy Bistro Savannah, casual w/ a lot of seafood, and I would probably go back and have a good time and good meal. All of the restaurants are in the historic district, and were no more than a 15 minute walk from our hotel.