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Aug 15, 2008 11:32 AM

Looking for a good butcher Far NW suburbs

around the Algonquin/Cary area. Any suggestions?

A good fishmonger out here would also be awesome! I work in Niles so anywhere along that path would be great!

Thanks guys!

Glad I found another foodie forum!

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  1. We're in Barrington and we've found that Meeske's on Northwest Highway has done us quite well. However, they've had some type of ownership situation and have moved their location east on NW Highway, closer to LakeCook Road in the location that was Prime Meats, and is now signed as Hayback's Meats, I think. It is the same people that were at Meeske's. I hope that the quality is as good.


    1. Have you visited Super H Mart on Oakton & Milwaukee? Not your traditional fishmonger, but they have a pretty broad selection at some phenomenal price points. As far as their meat goes, I can't give you a personal review but it's worth checking out. They have a huge variety of meats cut Korean-BBQ style (very thinly sliced while frozen so it looks like a perfect thin cross-section). Again, can't vouch for taste or quality, but it's a wonder to behold.

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        I go to Butcher on the Block-- its on Algonquin Rd at, I think its Lakewood (the light west of Square Barn). South east corner shopping center, with Bistro Wasabi among other things. It's butcher shop pricing but good quality. I get my skirt steak from there when I want that cut- its well worth it. They also have freshly made to order sandwiches, some deli things, and some frozen things. Fish I can't reply to as well, sorry.

      2. Butcher on the Block for me as well - in Lake in the Hills, Great service - excellent meats and wonderfully creative and tasty brats (any flavor you can imagine). They can get fresh seafood, but you have to call ahead (I think you have to call by Thurs and it comes on Friday, I want to say).

        1. Dorfler's Meat Market
          corner of Arlington Heights Road and McHenry Road in Buffalo Grove.

          Besides being able to get any type of meat if you let them know they have a limited but very fresh selection of seafood.

          1. For the fish go to Captain Alex Seafood
            Address: 8874 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714
            About 2 blocks north of Dempster on the west side of the street.