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Aug 15, 2008 11:26 AM

Asian food and markets in the Long Point area [Houston]

I'm a new Houston poster...always interested in unique cheap ethnic eats. A lunching buddy has recently moved to the Oak Forest/Pinemont area, and I told her that her Asian restaurant and market choices will probably be closest in the Long Point area. We typically have frequented the Bellaire Chinatown for years. I am familiar with Vieng Thai
(one time only though), but would like to know of some other good asian (and etc.)restaurants in that area. She would like to know the best asian grocery store with a broad range of items. Seems to me a lot of those stores were mostly Korean. Any ideas?

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  1. That's right, going down that stretch of Long Point starting on Gessner and heading eastbound puts you in Koreatown. This link is a couple years old, but it'll take you on a little pictorial tour:

    Super H Mart recently set up shop in the area. It's on Blalock a few blocks south of Long Point. The food court over there has some pretty good stuff too.

    1. cindy,

      I'm in Oak Forest, too. There is a great little thai place named Thai Lanna that we tried a couple weeks ago. It's on 18th by the Loop next to Whataburger. I will have to post a review on here about it. We were very pleased and I can't wait to go back.

      Here is a link to the Asia Market:

      I've read about it on various food blogs in Houston. Also there is downtown Chinatown, which isn't that far, or at least not as far as Bellaire. The Heights has some good Asian places, and there is a new place, off of 290 and tidwell, named Kublai Khan Mongolian stir fry. It is very new so I haven't been there but saw it on B 4 U Eat.

      I have a whole list of asian type places I want to try around here, but my DH won't eat that type of food, so I haven't tried them yet. On my list is Pho Binh on Mangum, Vietnam Restaurant, on 19th, Thu Thu's on Antoine, and Pho Saigon on Tidwell. Look at B 4 U Eat.

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        Super H Mart is, indeed, quite a place. The food court needs more places to sit, but the selection is extensive. Be sure to try the very spicy fried chicken, and visit the seafood department for some good prices on most everything. And if you need anything Hello Kitty -- its there!

        1. re: Cheflambo

          did someone say hello kitty?

          i echo cheflambo's sentiments. we've actually been there together! yes, definitely go to super h-mart.

          seoul garden is also excellent (longpoint/bingle) as is il me jeung. both korean.

          also check out polonia (off bingle) for polish food. there is a polish market next door too.