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Aug 15, 2008 11:14 AM

Stella Cafe/Lunch (South End)...Ugh.

These guys are now on my 3 strikes you're out list. I've only ordered salads.

The first time I went - I had a great salad. You pick the ingredients from a list on the wall - veggies, meats, cheeses, dressing. The only thing that put me off was when the guy behind the counter yelled at me to get the lettuce part of the salad out of the fridge for him, even though I was walking away and he was closer. Umkay.

Second time: I waited almost 20 minutes for my salad. There were only two people in line ahead of me and no one else waiting. I have no idea why it took them that long to throw a couple things in a bowl. I blame society (or really good weed).

Third time: Two of the ingredients were missing - which is kind of important because that was the meat and the cheese part. I have no idea if they used the right salad dressing, because there wasn't enough for me to actually taste. This time I was the only one in there, and they still f'd it up. Next time I'll just stop at the community garden down the street and eat out of people's plots like a bunny.

Prediction: closed in 6 months.

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  1. Since I have never been I was looking for clarification on your first part...what do you mean you had to get lettuce out of the fridge for you own salad? I heard that this place was very good for dinner but is this no longer the case?

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    1. re: scubahood10

      i'm talking about the little side cafe they recently opened for lunch, i wouldn't rule the place out for dinner.

      they had the lettuce in to-go containers in the fridge with the sodas and stuff - i didn't know that i was supposed to bring the greens to them.

      i've just been so frustrated lately with the service all over town. it's like every server is too important for their job or too bored or whatever. i was at henrietta's on wednesday and by the end of our meal there were 4 empty wine glasses, a cutting board two small plates and two big plates left on the table. i felt like i was eating in the kitchen next to the dishwasher.

      although - i did have brunch at deep ellum on sunday and the waitress was delightful.

      1. re: BoDubya

        This rings to why I joined chowhound in the first place. While it's great to get ideas food and place to eat I find it's more helpful to avoid service issues. Unfortunately, at a lot of places, you need to have your order ready in seconds or need to know the secret handshake to not get chastised by the soup nazi like a child out in public. I think people don't venture out to try new places because they aren't sure what the "rules" are before they go.

      2. re: scubahood10

        In response to scubahood10's response ...
        I work in the Marketing Dept at The Charles Hotel and I'm disappointed to hear about the negative experience you had with the service at Henrietta's Table. We recognize that the service one receives is a crucial part of their dining experience and I'm truly sorry that your's was not up to our standards. I have passed along your comments to the management and apologize again.
        Please feel free to contact me directly at

        1. re: edabiscuit

          I feel like like there might have been a miscommunication. My post was just in general agreement about the service industry as a whole especially for lunch. I didn't have a problem with Henrietta's because I didn't eat there. I do appreciate the follow-up but I believe this should be directed to BoDubya.