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Aug 15, 2008 10:34 AM

best bread in Columbia, SC

I would never have guessed that some of the best bread I've ever eaten would be made in Columbia, SC, but it is. I refer to the breads of Heather Digdon of Heather's Artisan Bakery. Her ciabatta is extraordinary. Her challahs are very good, as is her semolina bread and her sourdoughs. If you are in the area and you haven't yet discovered her work you are in for a treat. Heather's site is:
Any other bread finds in the Columbia area?

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  1. Oh boy, am I glad I caught this post before it rolled over to page 2. Just got back from Heather's. It all looked great and the prices are most reasonable, a bargain even. Got an olive and asiago foccacia that is very good. Also bought a cinnamon twist that is excellent. 7 bucks total. Thanks for the great tip, n2s.

    1. Oh man, I was use in W. Cola and Cayce a few weeks ago and missed it. Wish they would come to the Summerville Farmer's Market. We have a baker that comes but they are mainly a pastry baker and I would give any thing for a hearty, chewy, crusty pumpernickel

      1. Dropped by again today. Picked up a loaf of sour dough w/cheddar and blk pepper. Really tasty. Bought a challah w/cranberries and walnuts. It's as good as cake. Not nearly as sweet of course, but just as enjoyable.

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          Captain, I know that the ciabatta looks small and plain in comparison to the breads you've tried, and I know that the word "ciabatta" has over the past decade or so been stretched to the point of meaninglessness, but you must try Heather's ciabatta. It smells so good I want to tear it in half and fall asleep face down in it, and it has the most wonderful elastic texture. It is hard not to eat the entire loaf immediately upon purchase.

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            I need to get by there this afternoon and try some. I'm running precariously low.

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              Stopped by Heather's last Thursday. Picked up two loaves of ciabatta based on your rec. Her ciabatta has fulfilled my quest for the perfect loaf. Went by The Gourmet Shop and picked up a pint of Central Grocery olive salad, came home and built a muffaletta with a whole loaf sliced horizontally. Ate the other loaf with the rest of the olive salad.

          2. I could not agree more. I love love love all her breads. The prices are ridiculously affordable and the bread is awesome. In fact, I had some ciabatta for lunch today. Scrumptious! Do not miss out on this.

            1. Couldn't agree more. I catch her at the All Local Farmers' Market ( and always grab an assortment. The challah and ciabatta are excellent, and we've enjoyed all the others as well.