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Aug 15, 2008 10:14 AM

Vegetarian tasting menu at Jezebel?

I've read through all of the recent Jezebel posts, but I'm wondering about something more specific: has anyone had their 4 course vegetarian tasting menu? How was it? We were considering it for an upcoming birthday dinner. Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I tried it over a year ago so it is hard for me to remember any specifcs. I do recall that we both enjoyed the meal. On a side note, we tried Uchi's vegetarian (no fish) omakase menu this week and were amazed. It was an 8 course meal with each one being excellent. Even better, it was only $90 for the two dinners. We have tried the tasting menus at several restaurants around town (Wink, Zoot, Aquarelle, Jezebel), and Uchi was superior in presentation, taste, and value. In fact, the only better tasting menu I have had was at Hugo's in Portland, Maine.
    I was concerned that Uchi would not live up to the hype, but it definitely did.

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      Thank you so much for this information. We hadn't realized that Uchi offered a vegetarian omakase menu. I just made a reservation and we're both really looking forward to it.

      1. re: smilezok

        Let me know if you want me to post what we had. To be honest, I enjoyed the surprise of not knowing what the next course would be.

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          wow, what the heck... i tried to do a vegetarian omikase menu at uchi one time before, but the waiter said they really didn't have one. that i'd just have to choose 4-5 courses from the regular menu. i'm actually really curious what you had... i went there a couple of weeks ago, and they actually had a vegetarian option on the main entrees. so maybe it's a new thing?

          as for the jezebel vegetarian tasting menu... eh, it was alright, nothing that memorable. i had started with a spring vegetable risotto, then scorched pineapple dish with lychee ice cream, then a nice simple salad, followed by a curried eggplant steak with asian long beans. didn't care for the pineapple dish at all, but the eggplant steak was really good though, especially those crisp asian long beans. oh, but the french toast dessert was fantastic...

          my favorite veggie tasting menu is at wink. i've had it several times, over and over, for special occasions. MOST of the time it's great, but i HAVE had a few disappointments. doesn't discourage me though, it's still my favorite restaurant....

          1. re: abidonfood

            I emailed Uchi to confirm that the vegetarian tasting menu was still an option and received the following response: "We can always put together a vegetarian-only menu for you. Just let your server know when you sit down what you're looking for & they will work with the chefs to take care of you."