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Aug 15, 2008 09:28 AM

Mercadito vs. Mercadito Cantina (in the EV)... the difference?

I'm going to dinner tonight with a gf, 9ish, at one of these locations, but haven't decided which one.

I know Mercadito has a few locations, but I'm just trying to understand what are the greatest differences (ambiance, food, menu, price, etc.) between both East Vllg. locations - Mercadito vs. Mercadito Cantina (both on Ave. B).

Can anyone please tell me??

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  1. Hey there -- hopefully this is helpful!

    AMBIANCE: Mercadito = small, but enough space at tables. Best if you sit downstairs. Can be loud depending on the crowd. Cantina = cramped pretty much no matter where you sit, unless you're at the table facing the window in the front, and loud.

    FOOD: Awesome at both. For Cantina, I recommend doing the taqueria (build-your-own) option. The carnitas tacos are fantastic. For Mercadito, I recommend the estilo baja tacos.

    DRINKS: Again, awesome at both. At Cantina, recommendation = Papa Low made with their sake-based Tric-quila (passion fruit, papalo, jalapeno, salt & pepper rim). At Mercadito, recommendation = Margarita De Pepino (cucumber, lime, chile de arbol).

    PRICE: Overpriced, regardless of which you go to. The taqueria option at Cantina is probably the best bang-for-your-buck option.

    If you're looking for something conducive to conversation, then I'd side with Mercadito.

    Good luck!

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        Hope it was helpful! Which one did you end up choosing and what'd you think?