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Aug 15, 2008 09:26 AM

Lotus of Siam

I will be in Vegas over Labor Day weekend and would like to go try Lotus of Siam, but will not have a car. Will taking a cab there from the strip be very expensive? We are staying at MGM Grand. Will it be hard to find a cab to get back to the strip? Also, what do you recommend ordering?


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  1. recommend the Khao Soi from their Northern Thai menu, and the fresh lime-ade

    1. It's a surpringly expensive cab ride -- the scale of Las Vegas is such that a distance that doesn't look far on a map is actually a long ways. Still, Lotus of Siam itself is not expensive, so you'll be saving money compared to eating at some fancy joint on the Strip. They'll call you a cab when you're ready to leave. You can also take the monorail most of the way and then cab just the last bit.

      There are lots of posts on the board about what to order. I recommend ordering at least one dish off the daily specials, as they usually are really special. If you throw yourself on the mercy of the staff and tell them you want a great meal, they'll steer you well.

      1. You might try taking the monorail to the Convention Center stop and cabbing it from there.....MGM is way on the other side of the strip from LOS, and the monorail would cut out about 3/4 of the trip (you could almost walk from there, but it is a long, hot walk through not the best of neighborhoods....).

        LOS is very good about calling a cab for you when you ask for the check, and I've never had a problem getting a cab to come get me. You will have to call one, however....

        1. Eh, walk it. It's only 4.8 miles from LOS to MGM (I mapped it when we last stayed there and went to lotus). Yeah, it's a nice long walk. But that's justification to eat more. ;-)

          We now make it a point to stay at the far end of the strip, walk to LOS, eat eat eat, then walk slowly back. We stop at various casinos and bars on the way back, we see the sights, and it's usually the highlight of the trip.

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            Have you walked it on Labor Day, usually the hottest part of the summer?

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Nope, just in February (cold snap, was hovering around freezing), and late may (was darn hot, but probably a few degrees below labor day). When the temperature gets unbearable, you duck into a casino for a bit. It's actually quite doable!

              1. re: modthyrth

                To the OP: Temps over Labor Day will be over 100...probably around 105 during the late afternoon. I wouldn't call that "quite doable." In late May temps are in the high 90s.....darn hot, as modthyrth points out, but not f&**ing hot like it is now! In summer I don't walk from the MGM to Paris, but that's me.....

                As I said before, the walk from the end of the monorail at the convention center to LOS is not nearly as bad (maybe a mile?). Unfortunately, there aren't many things to see and do along the way.....

                1. re: janetofreno

                  You can actually get even closer than that - take the Monorail all the way to the Sahara stop, the last of the line, and you are only about 4 blocks away. They are not pleasant blocks, but if walking after the sun has gone down at least the heat is not a huge issue. Of course, that still leaves the ambiance of a rather decrepit neighborhood.

          2. Thanks for everyones suggestions. We will be using the monorail during our stay and will most likely take a cab from the Sahara.

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            1. re: squeaky_penguin

              Just a quick followup - if your plan would be to take the monorail to the Sahara, and then get a cab, it would likely take longer to walk to the taxi area at the hotel than to walk to Lotus directly. If you would prefer to not walk too much, it would be easier to use the Las Vegas Hilton monorail stop, one before the Sahara, where the taxi access is much easier. And the drive to Lotus is basically the same distance from either hotel, so the Hilton becomes more convenient.

                1. re: QAW

                  Good point. Again, if you've never been to Las Veges, the scale can be daunting -- a block in Vegas is more like four average city blocks, which means that even walking from the back side of one of the big casino hotels to the front is quite a trek.

                  1. re: QAW

                    I would caution you about walking to/from LOS at night. It's seems to be (close to but) more than a mile from the Hilton or Sahara. The neighborhood is a bit sketchy. The foods good, but not worth risking yourself over. Take a taxi.