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Aug 15, 2008 08:21 AM

latest info on best Portland lobster roll?

I want the best tasting lobster roll in Portland (I live here - so I'm hoping for a special secret find more than the usual places).

Don't care for atmo - save me your Lobster Shack recs...I want something really good. The best used to be Scales in the Public Market, but they're several years gone.

So where's the best hole-in-the-wall killer lobster roll for your money in summer 08?

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  1. That was a good lobster roll at Scales: does anyone know if Dana Street's going to resurrect that place? It was one of our favorites in Portland.

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    1. re: Shooley

      No idea about that. The thing that Scales did that made their lobster rolls so good was: they used fresh cooked lobster. Totally different animal than the refrigerated chewy stuff. Any other place in town making their lobster rolls w/ freshly cooked lobster?

    2. Consequently, does anyone have a good recipe for lobster rolls?

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      1. re: taratootie

        Sure taratootie,

        Checkout my posting on this thread for the great Jasper White's video & recipe.


        1. re: Harp00n

          ...Link leads to a fancy-dancy "lobster roll" with cucumbers and scallions and like that. Fuggedaboutit.

          IT'S SIMPLE:

          • 4/10 lb or more cooked lobster (Harbor Fish turns it out daily and it's perfectly fresh this time of year), mixed with scant-to-moderate high-quality mayonnaise. Cain's is local and it's fine. Salt and pepper to taste.

          •Grill NIssen, Arnold or other top-sliced hot dog bun liberally both sides with butter until lightly browned. Place lobster in bun.

          • NO LETTUCE. No cucumbers. Nothing else goes into the roll. You can have chipotle marzipan on the side for all I care.

          Nothing to it. I grew up in Harpswell in the 1950's and know WTF I'm talking about, jasper....

          1. re: Dual

            Jasper qualified the use of scallions as "you may" in the video and was adding a small amount of cucumber in lieu of the usual addition of celery. The Berkshire Hound, that my original post was directed at, had never attempted lobster in the kitchen, in any form. So my comments were aimed at increasing her a comfort level to "I can do it", if she followed the video.

            Now, in general, I personally prefer my roll near-naked as you've described but that ain't the way you'll get them most places in Maine. That would include Morse's, The Dolphin, Estes, Cook's and the lady with the stand at Merriconeag Farm on the RT123 entrance to Harpswell. They all use either lettuce, chopped celery or a combination of them both. Since, coincidentally, I also grew up in Harpwell of the 50's & 60's, Stovers Cove, S. Harpswell to be exact, I'll risk that my Mainiac status is a solid as anyone's, save maybe Marshall Dodge & Tim Sample.


            BTW, I had occasion to enjoy, yes enjoy, Jasper's "cucumber version" two weeks ago at Summer Shack in Cambridge and felt no urge for a Perfect Act of Contrition nor to do the Stations of the Cross afterwards.

            1. re: Harp00n

              Thank you Harpoon and Dual! I do think I will try it with some scallions on the side at least. I am glad lobster is cheaper now! Woot. Oh and do you think Kewpie will work fo the mayo part? Its A Japanese mayo they use for sushi rolls...

              Thanks again!

              1. re: taratootie

                Sure, why not, if you're familiar with it.
                And if you are, you also know that it has a fairly different profile than mayo, IMO, being: thinner, less eggy, more tangy and then, off course, there is that MSG issue. If you've never made "a true Mainer's roll" I'd probably start there first, at least for a point of reference. Again, me not you. But if you decide to go ahead using the Kewpie I'd definitely dial back on it the first time around. Hounding is all about being adventurous, so who's to tell you otherwise? Go for it!


      2. The original comment has been removed