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Aug 15, 2008 08:16 AM

New Restaurants in Leawood, KS?

I've been told that there are two new restaurants in Leawood near Crate and Barrel at the intersection of 119th and Roe. One's Italian, and one's a steakhouse, but that's all I know. Does anyone have names, reviews, etc? If not these two places - any ideas for the area. I used to like to hit 40 Sardines when it was still around. Any idea if there are plans for that space (loved the bar)?

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  1. North is the Italian and Sullivan's Steakhouse. Both are chains, I think North is relatively nascent, I've not heard local reviews, but surely you could look stuff up on other cities' locations.

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      I had dinner at North last week. It was wonderful--not at all the traditional Italian fare of heavy pastas and red sauces. It is northern Italian modern cuisine (think a remix of Tuscan flavors) and is significantly lighter than other Italian places out there. Also, their wine list was very eclectic and was full of interesting wines I had never heard of before. My server was happy to let me try a couple to find one I liked, too! That was nice.

      I don't believe 40 Sardines is around anymore.

    2. I went to North opening weekend. First, fresh squeezed lemon aide. I love that! For apps we had zucchini chips, thinly sliced and fried like potato chips (only not so crispy). I had a skirt steak salad with a light vinaigrette. Really decent. Husband had some type of fish, wish I could remember. I remember thinking it was decent.

      The lady at the table next to us got a pizza covered in arugula. She didn't love it, but when she mentioned it the server was really nice and wanted to get her another one with much less. She opted to pick off the offending lettuce. The family got a beautiful looking appetizer, I believe it was bruschetta.

      Overall a good experience.