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Aug 15, 2008 07:30 AM

Mediterranean in Cincinnati: A Step Up

Hubby and I visited the relatively new Cafe Mediterranean in Anderson Town Center last evening and were very impressed. This was far and away the best Mediterranean food I've ever eaten in this area. He had the shish kebab--large chunks of medium rare, perfectly seasoned lamb. I enjoyed the iskender kebab, which is basically the same meat as used in gyros in a casserole atop yogurt sauce and chunks of pita bread.

Although the restaurant is basically just a large room in a shopping center (with a smallish bar area to one side), the decor is somewhat upscale and very pleasant. Service was professional and attentive.

Menu here:

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  1. I'm not sure why I waited so long to try Cafe Mediterranean. (Maybe because it's in a shopping mall? Probably. But once you're inside you forget about that.) After dinner there tonight, I know I'll be going back often. I could have made a meal out of the appetizer plate alone, but of course had a bottle of wine, an entree, and baklava. I was very, very pleased with the entire experience -- food, service and prices. I am still stuffed but already thinking of my next meal there.

    1. Yes, our family agrees that Cafe Med is quite a find and an often overlooked place, maybe because it is buried in the Anderson Town Center.

      We have been there 4 times because we live nearby but also because it's pretty darn good (Turkish?) food and the staff is very accomnodating. The decor is modest but adequate, the food is very nearly authentic, and it is priced very well. The owners are there to supervise and the service for us has been quite good. The wine list may need some tweaking, but we like the place, especially because it's family run (and not another chain restaurant in Anderson).

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        I've also been to Cafe Mediterranean several times and have enjoyed each experience. I would recommend the combination platters (there are two - chicken or beef/lamb). The platters are good for trying several different preparations.