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Aug 15, 2008 07:28 AM

Great spice vendor in the city?

Does anyone know of a really good spice vendor in the city? Ideally I'd like a place that does a high volume of spice trade, yet sells to the consumer, thus allowing for the freshest spices possible. Also, it'd be great if they sold them by the pound instead of pre-packaged.

Some of the spice markets in Curry Hill are promising, but most sell pre-packaged and I have no way of knowing how long they've been on the shelf.

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  1. There's on in the Grand Central market:
    Pentzy's Spices
    They carry over 250 spices
    (212) 972-2777

    1. We always get ours at Penzeys, either at their Grand Central Market location, or ordering online.

      They have a great selection, and have always been fresh for us, but they are pre-packaged so that may deter you.

      1. There is a shop on 9th ave around 38th or so, another hound will probably be able to give you an address and name. This place has bins and bins of whole spices and beans. It's on the west side of the street just south of the fish market.

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          Ninth Ave International Foods at 40th st. Good stuff but the owner can be kind of mean.

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            Right you are, thanks for providing the name. I've never experienced any meaness from the owner but a bit of impatience for sure.

        2. Aphrodesia on Bleeker Street - right down from Murray's cheese - is my go to place for herbs and spices. They have been there for many years- turnover of products is high, so what they sell is always fresh. Enormous variety, moderate prices, and extremely knowledgeable - what more could you ask for!

          1. I'm very surprised the first response wasn't Kalustyan's. They're on Lex and 28th. And they have everything, literally. The turnover is great, they even roast many of their own spices. I know for a fact they dry their own ingredients for their various powders (tomato, etc). Cannot recommend enough.