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Aug 15, 2008 07:28 AM

Quick question re Kitchen Little in Mystic, CT

I get off the Long Island ferry in New London at 11am on Sunday and was planning to head over to Kitchen Little for breakfast. Should I expect a wait? I will be solo.

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  1. From everything I've heard and seen, yes, expect some waiting. Make sure to have cash, and try for a seat at the counter.

    1. I had breakfast at Kitchen Little just yesterday. It was midweek, around 9 a.m. and no line, we sat outside and were served immediately.

      By the time we left folks were putting their name on the blackboard for seats. It probably can get real busy real quick. They do try to move people along.

      Food by the way was good. I sprang for the extra $1 to get real maple syrup for my cinnamon sugar pancakes. Worth it, imo.

      1. I believe that on weekends,Kitchen Little only serves breakfast.I would find out what time they serve till. Expect a wait but as a sole diner it shouldnt be all that long.

        Dont forgot the cash as they dont accept credit cards.

        1. Just reporting back.

          Showed up a little after 11. No wait for a solo seat at the counter. The wait for groups was not bad either. I think there were two groups - a 4 and a 5 -- waiting when I arrived, and both were seated shortly after I arrived. Others were seated right away after that.

          I ordered the #11 -- The Portuguese Fisherman ( http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/40... ) -- which was wonderful. I made the mistake of ordering corned beef hash with it, which was nothing special and totally unnecessary. But the eggs truly were great.

          Service was very friendly and very efficient. Bill for eggs, hash and coffee came to $16.07 -- or $20 with tip. It would have been $4 less without the unnecessary hash! I'll be back.

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            I went to Kitchen Little on friday morning 8/29. No wait to sit outside under their canopy.I had the #2-The "smedley" and my friend had #11-the "portuguese fisherman".We also had very efficient,friendly service.Food quality was excellent,as I was concerned that they had slipped recently.Glad to see that this wasnt the case.

            My only downside is that they must have raised prices considerably.With tax and tip breakfast for two was $24.30.But I will go back next time im in the area.

            1. re: mrbeachy

              too funny i went there yesterday and my boyfriend and i had exactly the same things! Yum Yum, the wait wasn't long(we sat at the counter) but the place was packed and Flo(the owner) said it had been busy since 6:30 am when they opened...this was about 9:45