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Aug 15, 2008 07:27 AM

Breakfast in Portland

Please natives, would you steer me to a good breakfast place in Portland with fantastic-tasting food, comfortable sit-down atmosphere and pretty quick service?

I saw some posts about one-handed breakfasts in Portland that sure looked mouth-watering. I'm looking forward to hearing whether two-handed breakfasts are even better!


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    1. I really do love The Front Room. Even the "simple" things are wonderful. Really worthwhile, but go early to avoid the crowds. Everyday 8am.

      1. I second the Front Room. Big selection, they serve it until 2:30 everyday I think, and it's not expensive at all. The Good Egg on Middle Street isn't that bad either, but I'd go with the Front Room over that. Becky's is the most overhyped place ever, don't go there.

        1. Front room is good...very noisy , though. Try Bintliff's on Portland Street...great food, sometimes a bit slow. I agree with the comment on Becky's....if y6ou want to go to the harbor, try Big Mama's.

          1. I am so upset at this website - I wrote what I considered to be the definitive review of Becky's Diner a couple of years ago, but since they have apparently deleted everything more than a year old its gone. How I long for the OLD CHOWHOUND.

            The Front Room and Bintliffs are both great for breakfast - the only downside is that in each case there isn't much around them if you are visiting Portland. Worth checking out if you want to get out of the Old Port? Definately. But having said that if your goal is a morning in the Old Port, Mims is your best upscale breakfast/brunch choice and the only one with streetside, cafe style service on a nice summer morning...

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              Hi Keefer. I think this may be that thread about Becky's Diner:

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                Thank you Pat - I tried using the Search function to no avail, then found remnants of the article via Google, but it was a struggle to come up with anything...

              2. re: Keefer Lucas

                Thank you Keefer, et al. I should have specified that we're going to the Transportation Center (that's what they call it, isn't it?). So neighborhood isn't very important to me. Also, I don't actually have a clue where anything in Portland is, but I'll start mapquesting now....

                Thanks all! I'll also check that old review per Pat...