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Aug 15, 2008 07:11 AM

Denver Cheap Eats for the Convention?

I'm going to be in Denver for a week for the Democratic Convention and unless I'm able to get invites to a bunch of events (feel free to help me out there...I'm a lot of fun!), I'm more or less on my own for my meals. I'm looking for cheap, yet Chow-worthy eats around the Convention site. I'm pretty much up for trying anything and will be willing to walk 15 minutes or so (as long as its a safe area) to get away from some of the crowds.

In addition I'm going to be staying at the Motel 6 in Tech Center. I hear there are some diners and restaurants within walking distance. Anything that can actually be recommended?

Thanks so much for your help and I can't wait to check out Denver!!!

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  1. Downtown Denver is considered safe and will be even more so during the security-heavy convention. Convention center is 2 blocks from 16th Street Mall, which has free shuttle buses that travel aboutg 1 1/2 miles.

    Cheap AND Chow-worthy is a challenge. Most of the convention activities will be at the Pepsi Center, which isn't actually in the heart of downtown. Larimer Square with its abundance of restaurants isn't too far. The Market is a cafe serving light meals. Maybe some bar food or convention specials will be offered. If you like deli food, try Zaidy's at 15th and Market. There's also an outdoor barbecue smoker at Writer Square. Also, My Brothers Bar at 15th and Platt, and Proto's (very good pizza) around the corner on Platt.

    If you ARE downtown at all, however, check Cooks Fresh Market -- limited seating, but good take-out food. It's at 16th and Glenarm; I am never downtown during the day, but I understand that there are some interesting food carts along the mall and near the Capitol/Civic Center Park. If permitted, some may roll over closer to the convention venue.

    I don't know which Motel 6 claims the Denver Tech Center connection. There is one on Arapahoe in/near Greenwood Village, but I have no idea what is really near the motel. Maybe someone who lives in south metro can help.

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      I'll be staying at the Motel 6 on Arapahoe in Greenwood Village.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I would say my price range is for most meals I don't want to be spending anymore then $30 (mainly for dinner) and $12-15 for lunch. The cheaper the long as its still edible :)

    2. Your motel is right near Smash Burger which has a great burger. My second favorite ever. The diner you've probably heard about is Gunther Toody's which I haven't been to since I was a kid but I haven't heard great things about of late. There's a mongolian barbeque place a couple blocks east on Arapahoe. While traffic isn't great in the area I wouldn't hesitate to walk around there at night. Oh, there's Brother's BBQ right there as well but I'm by no means a bbq expert so I've neither been nor can I say good or bad things about it.

      1. Your hotel should be near a light rail station that will take you up I-25 and into downtown.
        There are dining options along the route - usually national and local chains.
        I second Smashburger. It's my favorite.
        Further south from your hotel is a mall with many restaurant pads on the fringes of the mall. I'm blocking the name of the mall, but it is south of Arapahoe a few exits.
        PS - I would invite you to dinner while you are here, but we are leaving for our house in Mexico next week to avoid the crowds and congestion. Enjoy your convention. Pam

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        1. re: Pampatz

          That would be Park Meadows Mall.

        2. In addition to options already mentioned, walking distance (or a short ride on the 16th Street Mall Shuttle) for you downtown are Snooze (great breakfast and lunch), Proto's Pizza or Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza (both, obviously, pizza), Green (good to-go chopped salads), Little India, and Illegal Pete's (most people go for the burritos, but I LOVE their fish tacos).

          Claire recommended Cook's Fresh Market. They have some good options at their prepared food counter, but I think that most of their salads and sandwiches are pretty mediocre (stay away from the hot sandwiches in particular, which are not made to order, and get incredibly greasy). Cook's baked goods are great and the have self-serve fro yo that is a bargain.

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          1. re: Megiac

            Thanks all...these are great recommendations.

            Also are there any good coffee shop type places within walking distance to the Hyatt/Convention Center site? Bonus points if they have free wifi (although not necassary). Something tells me I might want to get away from our HQs (and my co-workers) in the Hyatt and coffeeshops are always good spots to camp out for an hour or so.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I second Santiago's - AMAZING and PHENOMENAL breakfast burritos.