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Aug 15, 2008 07:00 AM

help with JEAN GEORGES?

i know this place is a fine dining chowhhound warhorse - heh, sorry! - but we have amex points to burn so we are going to JG next week.

anyone been recently?

i was thinking of ordering the seasonal tasting menu (vs the greatest hits), how has that been this summer? what did you enjoy and what not so much?

also, tia for any wine recommendations.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Would you mind telling me how you reserved your table here if you have a reservation for a peak dinner time? I have had no luck on several occasions recently, even when trying a month out for my last birthday..thanks.

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      1. re: erica

        wow interesting. just called today and we got a res for next thursday at 8pm.

        1. re: mrnyc

          If it is your first time here, I'd go with the 'greatest hits' menu. My fiance and I went a while ago, and we did the regular tasting and the seasonal (winter) tasting, and we liked the regular dishes better in almost every case. Just feels like you should try the Egg Caviar if it's your first time there...

          1. re: kewlly

            thank you kwelly. i will report back.

            erica good luck getting a time you want!

            1. re: kewlly

              hey all -- i almost forgot to put this up on ch sorry! we had a great time at JG. so here's my report from an email i sent to a friend:

              we went in a little early so i had a negroni at the bar & spouse had some kind of bourbon-ginger razzmatazz.

              overall, absolutely stellar food & service. duh. but this place is no hoax, it's a machine. in every good way.

              we sat together in a couples booth.

              i had the greatest hits and spouse had the summer seasonal tasting menu.

              skipped the wine pairing & i got a bottle of a chalky chablis i fixated on. great range on the wine list, price-wise there is a below $50 option in every category, so just to to see that i took it as a good omen. anyway as i say the vino was steely, chalky and perfect.

              amuse trio -- in order of tasty deliciousness:

              a knockout green tomato tempura, luscious corn soup, tuna/avocado sashimi

              - caviar & cream soft boiled egg (his signature, crushingly delicious from the get go)

              - young garlic soup w/ thyme & sauteed frog legs (oh god)

              - sea scallop, carmelized cauliflower & caper-raisin emulsion (my fav dish)

              - turbot w/ some kind of champagne-like sauce presentation (wow, great sauce) edit: it was chateau-charlon sauce:

              - lobster tartine w/ lemongrass & fenugreek sauce, pea shoots (again, the saucing was killer


              - broiled squab, onion compote w/ foie gras pancake (tasty, but ok, if only because i could make this)

              - then came the dessert parade, we had coffee, i had a glass of banyuls dessert wine w/ it & spouse had a pedro jimenez.

              you pick from a set menu of 4 items each, currently: summer, strawberry, cherry & chocolate. i had summer & spouse had strawberry. there was a dish w/ noodle, hibiscus-rose broth & palm seeds that stood out (by a mile).

              - plus they bring on the chocolates tray, & a mini-macaroons tray (beside the usual suspects there was a pepper macaroon that stood out) & the showy glass rainbow sponge souffle cart, which they cut out w/ scissors w/ a florish. i recall this from a previous visit.

              - finally, the lady gets a treat to-go bag when we get the bill.

              yeah so i was totally devastated. we had to walk it off a bit outside before we went anywhere else, much less home.

            2. re: mrnyc

              Thanks..I am guessing it is easier in the summer months. (I've only tried in the fall/winter) November I will again make an attempt to return there for my birthday!! I have been foiled two years running!

              1. re: erica

                GUYS - is jacket required for the Main Dining Room for LUNCH?

                  1. re: theskyflyer

                    here's the deal on dress: my spouse had a nice grey/white silk chinese style dress & i went in a brooks bros seersucker suit with an open shirt and a pocket square. yeah, i was quite the bon vivant. heh.

                    we went for dinner not lunch, so i'm not sure. however, for dinner i would say the tie is optional, but preferred and definately yes for a suitcoat or sports coat for a man -- as a man i would not feel comfortable in there w/o one unless maybe i was having dining and/or drinks in the nougatine front bar area.

                    fwiw -- there was another solo diner guy with a sports coat on and no tie, but every single other male in the room had on suit and tie. they were all older captains of industry types and doctors. we are in our 40's and were the youngest in the room. i think the service was glad to see us somewhat younger folks in there enjoying ourselves on a midweek late summer eve.

                    1. re: mrnyc

                      Are you talking about dinner or lunch? At lunch, I saw plenty of men w/o jackets.

            3. I went last month, my husband got the greatest hits and I did the seasonal. If you are going with someone I suggest that's what you do. On the seasonal I loved the egg toast, the asparagus with morels and the lobster. I don't like lamb so I took the squab from my husband. I also really liked his garlic soup.. And if they have the rhubarb foie gras as a supplement it is A MUST. Enjoy.

              1. Had a mostly lovely meal here, but actually sent the lamb back. I couldn't cut it, it was that tough. They were very embarrassed, and brought a delicious piece of fish, but play it safe and don't order the lamb!
                Dessert was to die for.