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Aug 15, 2008 06:39 AM

Dinner before concert at PNC in Holmdel

Lookling for a place to have a nice, quick dinner before a concert at PNC.
Nothing ethnic because my friend is not adventurous...thanks...

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    1. If you swing off the Parkway, exit 117 and head South on 36 for a few minutes you can go into Keyport. This will only take you about five minutes off the Parkway. There you can find a trio of good eats, not sure how quick though. I've eaten at all three and the only one I've had to wait awhile for was McDonagh's on a Saturday night as they were very crowded:
      McDonagh's - Irish pub/restaurant, good burgers
      Drew's - Cajun/Creole, but you can find American cuisine there as well
      Trinity - Has a variety of cuisines, American, Latin, etc.

      All three have websites if you google them with their menus up.


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        I second McDonagh's and Drew's. The Office is also right when you get on 36 in the Stop and Shop parking lot. You could also hit Houlihan's, Chili's, Macaroni Grill on 35 and then take Laurel Avenue going West to get over to PNC (look at at a map, there's a service entrance on Crawford's Corner Rd. between the Police Station and High School that is labeled "Commuter Lot" with an Academy Bus emblem on the sign.