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Aug 15, 2008 06:38 AM

Kerbey Lane Cafe North - moving?

Drove past the Kerbey Lane Cafe North (on 183) and saw the banner. They are apparently moving to the center at 620 and Anderson Mill Road. That will put KLC and Saccone's within shouting distance of each other...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Have they re-opened the Saccones on 183? I've been dreaming of this day... : )

      1. I guess moving Kerbey Lane is easier for them than cleaning the existing place. Have you ever looked around? It is nasty. Only the actual food is worse!!!!!!

        Saccone's is not reopening in that old space. He is moving also, near the HEB at 620 and Anderson Mill. Not sure when the opening will be. Or has it opened there already?

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        1. re: sambamaster

          Nope Saccone's hasn't reopened yet. I too anxiously wait. And I completely agree about the level of (un)cleanliness at Kerbey Lane. Hoping a new location will give them a fresh start!

          1. re: sambamaster

            The sign for the new Saccone's had been taken down last time I drove by. Don't know if it means anything, but I'm starting to think that it's not happening.

            I've heard the main reason Kerbey Lane is moving was the size of the kitchen. There was no way to make the old one bigger and that was a huge bottleneck. I kinda prefer the old house ambiance to that of a strip mall, but if it helps the food and service, it's a good thing.

            1. re: ssouth

              I doubt the size of the kitchen will help the food or the service at KLC, it just means, maybe, they can crank out *more* of same old garbage.

              Talked to Dan Saccone today. He's crossing his fingers for a November opening.

              1. re: ssouth

                I'm willing to give it a try as it will be just down the road from me. But I doubt the kitchen excuse too. My service there (as out-of-towners always insist upon going) have been so variable that I suspect the problems have more to do with waiter behavior and management than how fast the kitchen can crank out my omelet.

                1. re: verily

                  well lets hope for the best at the new location,has the existing klc closed yet.saccones to me is overated and as a ex nyker its too greasy for overall is subpar in austin.