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Aug 15, 2008 06:16 AM

Petite Abeille (First Ave.) -- any recent experiences?

I haven't been to Petite Abeille in a while (2 years) on First Ave. & E. 20 St. I liked it very much. I've come across some recent postings on that are very negative. I trust my fellow CHers for their reviews. Any recent visits? Thanks. I am supposed to go tonight.

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  1. Go...You will enjoy..Steak frites are great...

    1. I've never been to the 1st Ave location, but I've been to the other locations and go pretty often to the 17th St location. Food is always solid and well-priced.

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      1. re: Lucia

        Agreed, I've only been to the 17th st location, but I go there once a month or so and it's always solid - especially the soups in the winter.

      2. Remember that, to an even greater extent than on here, the posters on Menupages either outright hated their meal or loved it (and/or themselves own the restaurant in question).

        That being said, I think that the chain is generally well-liked and hopefully the First Ave location hasn't jumped ship. Take advantage of the nightly drink specials (if they have any on Fridays, that is).

        1. Thanks all. We had to reschedule due to the rain. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I'll report back.

          1. i only have gone to the one in tribeca. the omellettes are good and the mussels are good. the french fries were changed along time ago and they dont use Russetts anymore so they are not as dark or as good.