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Aug 15, 2008 05:33 AM

Good Pierogies anyone?

I have a bet with my husband. I say there has GOT to be a restaurant around here that serves up pierogies that can put his Grandmother's to shame. He begs to differ. We haven't actually been to Cafe Polonia so perhaps the answer lies there. Anyone.....?

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  1. Jesus says: The answer fries there.


    1. Cafe Polonia definitely. My wife says they are the closest to the pierogies her 100% polish grandmother made.

      1. Yes - it's Cafe Polonia for the Boston area - very, very good but not even close to Veselka in NYC or the little old ladies in the church basement in the East Village there.

        1. You could also try the Baltic Deli & Cafe for frozen ones & other delectables.
          632 Dorchester Ave
          South Boston, MA 02127
          Phone: (617) 268-2435

          1. I grew up on those! Nothing beats homemade, if you have the time. Sadly, I haven't ever seen them on the menu anywher in Boston, but if you're in Chicago find
            Try the beer flights too, I begged the owner to send his work to NERAX in Somerville since they've expanded beyond NE and the UK. I'll give Cafe Polonia a try and report back on how my version and Berg's measure up.