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Aug 15, 2008 03:38 AM

Two Nights in NYC - 8 Restaurants to Try!

I have two nights in NYC. Which of the following would you suggest I try? I love creative cuisine and travel all over the country simply to eat at fabulous restaurants. My favorites to date are Alinea (Chicago), The French Laundry (Napa), Joel Robuchon and Alex (both in Las Vegas).

Here are my choices - I'm interested in your recommendations as to which ones are THE BEST!

Eleven Madison Park
Jean Georges
Le Bernardin
Le Cirque
The Modern
Per Se

Thanks for your help!

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  1. There was a recent post on Le Cirque you might want to check out. It was not positive. I have only been to the Modern - Dining Room and Bouley (too long ago to be helpful). Our experience at The Modern - Dining Room was very good. I defer to other hounds for the rest of your list.

    1. Per Se & Masa (omikase) - would be my first two choices. Bring your wallet for masa...
      Jean Georges
      Le Bernadin

      I have not been to Bouley in many years and have not been to the rest on your list at all.

      1. EMP for sure. Skip Per Se since you've already been to TFL. TFL provides a better setting and overall experience than Per Se IMO, unless you are on a mission to complete some Keller trifecta.

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          1. If Alex in LV is one of your favorites (mine too--I'm going back to LV next week and have a reservation), you will love Bouley, Eleven Madison Park, and Per Se (makes Alex look like a bargain). I'm going for the first time to The Modern next week so I'll hold off with a recommendation until then. One of my favorites not on your list is Aureole. Have a great time!