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Aug 14, 2008 11:15 PM

Parsi and Irani recs. in Bombay...

I might be in India next month, and I'll definitely be in Bombay at some point if I wind up in the subcontinent.

Do people have any recommendations for good Parsi and Irani restaurants in Bombay? I've heard the two communities have pretty distinct cuisines, and I'm interested in trying them out.



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  1. I guess this reply is pretty much useless but just in case anyone needs to know

    1.Paradise is one of my favourite restaurants. Its towards the end of Colaba Causeway and has some great Parsi food. Their cold chicken salad, chicken steak, sali chicken or mutton and dhansak are really popular.

    2. Brittania at Ballard Estate is another nice place to go to though they are open only for lunch. Their chicken berry pulao is really good with the berries flown in from Iran. Make sure you get a bottle of Pallonji's to wash the food down.

    There arent too many irani cafes left in Mumbai and I havent been to one that I really loved. A lot of people talk highly of Jimmy Boy but I was quite dissapointed when I went there.

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      its not useless because the next person researching this topic will find it, even if the original poster did not. These dishes sound really good and thanks so much for posting.

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        I forgot to add - Also try the Caramel Custard at Brittania. One of the best in Mumbai!

        1. re: adhish

          adhish - how's the ripon club these days? and rti?

          one of my strongest cravings here in the western diaspora is for patties - especially rtis veg patties. aaargh, i just started salivating.

          1. re: howler

            @ Howler - Trust me, I know the feeling.

            I have never eaten at the Ripon Club. Is it good? I havent been to RTI lately either. Their patties were always good and very very reasonably priced. Another option for similar paties is J Hearsche bakery in Bandra. Good stuff. Does'nt really have the charm of RTI but is still good.

            1. re: adhish

              ripon club is fabulous. imagine a perfectly preserved institution in kala godha complete with plantation chairs, slowly revolving pankahs and some of the best parsi food around. its not open to the general public - only bawas - but it shouldn't be too hard to find a member. i urge you to take the trouble - it is an outstanding experience.

              1. re: howler

                Sounds great!! Ill make sure I try it next time I'm in town.

                1. re: adhish

                  you'll need a parsi member friend. believe me its worth it.

                  out of curiosity - where are you based?